Calhoun County Road Commission

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Watching issues created after: 2010-07-29

Pennfield area Potholes.

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  • Briars Farm Lane Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    Thank you for patching the horrible pot holes on Briars Farm Lane earlier this summer but the holes are starting to return already. Something more permanent needs to be done with this road. It will only get worse over the winter.
  • Potholes Archived
    Palmiter Road (9 1/2 Mile) Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    We all know this is an issue right now. But, there are several large potholes that could cause some damage to a vehicle on Palmiter Road (9 1/2 Mile). These are between Verona Rd and Elwood.
    Also, quite some time ago, I reported a branch that needs to be cut near so visibility is clear when at the Palmiter Rd (9 1/2Mi) and Verona Rd stop sign. . This branch is on the east side of Palmiter Rd (9 1/2 Mi) between the house on the corner and their neighbor. This is an issue that needs to be taken care of. Leaves will eventually be on these branches making it more difficult to see on coming traffic without creeping into the intersection!
  • horrible road Archived
    6333 Purdy Drive Battle Creek, MI - Calhoun County
    Purdy drive is a road that goes straight to pennfield emelentary school and it is horrible to drive down. Why can't the road be repaved rather than just filling in the potholes with black filler that doesn't last?
  • I Drive North Battle Creek, MI - Calhoun County
    Multiple large potholes and deteriorated road surface.
  • Rook street Archived
    Rook Street Battle Creek, Michigan - Brownlee Park
    Numerous large pot holes on Rook street between Bradford and Raymond road
  • Brush Control Archived
    102 Windmill Way battle creek pennfield, Michigan - Calhoun County
    sweeping has not been done and all potholes were no flled
  • 18000-18998 Wheatfield Rd Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    11 mile road between N Drive North and Verona road is very dangerous. There are lots of very large deep potholes that are causing people to swerve into the opposite lane, and it's very hilly. It's a serious accident waiting to happen
  • 199-201 Brigden Dr Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Brownlee Park
    road work that hasn't been finished. unless you want the bill to fix cars you should probably fix it. potholes from brigden to Clarence Blvd
  • 10150-10462 I Drive North Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    You cannot drive down that road without hitting a pot hole. Very dangerous! 10 mile rd is also needing some TLC
  • 17001-17999 9 1/2 Mile Rd Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
  • Bad Road Archived
    6360 Purdy Drive - Calhoun County
    This road has not been resurfaced since we moved here in 1984. It has too many potholes in it to count. It has been tarred with gravel a few times, only to return to its original state in a few months.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    101-299 Trickovic Ln Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    Bunch of pot holes at curve in road.