Monmouth County and Ocean County

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  • Chambersbridge And Brick Blvd - Brick
    The intersection of Brick Blvd and Chambersbridge Rd the yellow lights are too quick.The intersection is 6 or 7 lanes wide and the when the yellow comes on its only for about 3 to 5 seconds long
  • 1824-1856 New Jersey 88 Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Way too many HUGE damaging potholes in the Brick/Lakewood area along Route 88. Most at the intersection of 88 and Jack Martin Blvd.
  • Hooper Avenue And Brick Boulevard - Brick
    Cars are stopping short and are going to cause a serious accident, to avoid a $85 ticket from the red light camera. Post more signs and increase the yellow light time to allow cars in the intersection to clear it more effectively and safely.
  • 1989-2029 New Jersey 88 Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
  • 456 Princeton Ave Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    ERGO Sticker and Graffiti on Traffic Signal Control Box
  • Lanes Mill Road Brick - Brick
    Just pave by Ocean County road dept. road is falling apart and if your tire get cought in the seams you will be changing lanes, road is a waste of tax $
  • Route 88 East And Vanzile Road Intersection Brick, NJ - Brick
    Left turn signal badly needed on Route 88 East if turning left onto VanZile Road. Traffic westbound on Route 88 West too heavy to allow more than one or two cars to make the turn.
  • 1065 Cedar Bridge Ave - Brick
    Cedar Bridge road between Route 70 and Brick Blvd. Black top is seperating causing deep/wide groves that tires get caught in causing cars to lose control.
  • 91 Greenbriar Blvd Brick Township, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Large cul - de - sac in adult community, plowed up the middle of the street. To get to plowed area requires shoveling out minimum of 20 feet from END of driveway! Why are plows not plowing to curb / end of driveway as before?
  • 3260 Bridge Ave Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742, USA - Point Pleasant
    Has a lot of bumps and one can shake your car when going through it from the left turn lane.
  • Cambridge Walk Development - Brick
    vehicles traveling in excess of 25 mph, failure to stop at stop signs and failure to stop for children and school buses.
  • Garden State Parkway 08723 - Brick
    I'd like the State to start a campign to get drives to Keep Right except to pass! while on the Parkway.