Monmouth County and Ocean County

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Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Jordan Rd & Rt 88 Brick, NJ - Brick
    Making a left from Jordan rd onto Rt 88, takes too long to change.
  • 8 Roosevelt Dr Brick, NJ - Brick
  • Brielle Road Manasquan, New Jersey - Manasquan

    Am I the only one who is sick and tired of walking up and down Brielle road between 2nd and 1st and seeing and smelling the ton of garbage and beer bottles/cans and food all over the streets and in the laws and porches? It’s disgusting and it smells so bad it wafts up to the beach sometimes! Why can’t the town do something about this? I see the guy from the town going around handing out tickets to the owners for putting out their cans too early the night before yet this is ok??

    So sick of this beautiful town being trashed by the disrespectful young renters!!

  • 316 Atlantic Avenue Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey - Point Pleasant Beach
  • 265 Grant Ct Brick, NJ - US Congressional District NJ4
    The street light is out on the corner of Grant Ct. & Wilson Ct. Pole # JC756BK.
  • 265 Grant Ct Brick, NJ - US Congressional District NJ4
    There is a large pot-hole on the corner of Wilson Ct. & Riverside Dr. The garbage & recycling trucks have driven past it for several weeks and have driven into it causing a loud noise early in the morning. If the public employees see them in their everyday rounds don't they report then?
  • Main And Second Manasquan, NJ - Manasquan
  • 251 E Main St Manasquan, NJ 08736, USA - Manasquan
    Grafitti on the slides and jungle gym.
  • 241 Van Zile Rd Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    The section of Van Zile Rd. between Harrison Ave. and Tina Lee Ct. is heavily travelled by pedestrians and bicyclists, many of whom are children and is a disaster waiting to happen. The shoulders in many spots are as wide as the white line itself, and the curves in the road create poor visibility as well. Drivers will not follow a lower speed limit. the only sure way is to widen the shoulders.