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  • 234 12th Ave E Seattle, WA 98102, USA - Capitol Hill
    Difficult for pedestrians to cross 12th Ave and scene of very serious accident in 2007:
  • Broadway And John Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill

    This intersection is frustrating for everyone who passes through it.

    Drivers hate it because left and right turning vehicles often jam up the whole intersection waiting for pedestrians to cross. Getting through this intersection, particularly going E/W, can often take 2-3 light cycles during peak periods - largely due to just a handful of turning cars blocked by oncoming traffic and/or pedestrians in the intersection.

    Many pedestrians would like to make a "diagonal" cross in this intersection in one light cycle, rather than having to wait two light cycles to get where they are going. This likely contributes to the tendency of pedestrians at this intersection to attempt to cross against the signal (something that also makes driving through this intersection stressful). All-ways-cross is an arrangement that is so very underused in Seattle (It is only used near Pike Pl and in W Seattle) - this is an intersection that would clearly benefit - this would reduce pedestrian, vehicular and transit queuing and wait times as pedestrians and traffic would never be sharing the intersection.

    This seems like it would really be a win-win-win arrangement.

  • 515 Minor Ave Seattle WA, 98104, USA - First Hill
    Crosswalk markings are not visible to cars at James and Minor Ave. Pedestrians are not safe crossing the 4 lanes of traffic between parking garage and place of work. I almost get hit every day because cars are not paying attention or choosing to ignore signs above the street. There are no road markings and a light to signal pedestrian crossing would be helpful.
  • 1610 E Republican St Seattle, WA 98112 - Capitol Hill
    Someone ran over the curb at 16th E & E Republican and knocked down the post that held the street name signs, plus a no-parking sign a few feet north. Lucky they missed the hydrant!
  • 1727-1799 Bellevue Ave Seattle, WA 98122, USA - Capitol Hill
    Cars on Olive Way turning left, either north or south, on Bellevue, don't seem to know where to go to wait to turn. They need to have different light cycles for Olive, ie. west bound green, then east bound green, etc.
  • 1900 E Thomas St. Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill
    many feet of pavement missing in front of bus stop
  • 4200 E Mcgilvra Ave Seattle, WA - Madison Park
    A number of large cracks and a depression have formed at the corner of 42nd and E McGilvra Ave. As the concrete has settled into the depression, the corners of the cracked concrete have been raised above the grade of the pavement and could easily destroy a wheel unless you drive very slowly over it.
  • 1809 E. Aloha St. Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill
    EB lane. Right edge completely broken up by heavy vehicles.
  • 12th And E Howell St Seattle, WA 98122, USA - Capitol Hill
    There's no safe place to cross 12th for several blocks each way. This would be an ideal place for a cross-walk since lots of people cross here to get down to Cal Anderson park.
  • Pothole Archived
    12th And Aloha Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill
    Pretty large pothole just east of 12th for traffic heading westbound right as the road bends
  • 1601 16th Ave Seattle, WA 98122, USA - Capitol Hill

    Drivers heading west on Madison can turn right onto Pine (diagonally), and they often don't seem to look for peds crossing 16th in the crosswalk who have the right of way. Especially at night, I've either had to yell at drivers or jump out of the way - and I know there have been accidents there.

    I wonder whether changing the timing of the lights and prohibiting right-on-red turns there might make a difference -- but there may be a more graceful solution.

  • E Foster Island Road Seattle, WA - Broadmoor
    bad pot holes that are causing flats even at low speeds