City Of Newnan, GA Potholes

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Watching issues created after: 2009-06-17

Newnan citizens can call 770-253-1823 to report a pothole problem, or e-mail a complaint to .


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    76 1st Avenue Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    Large pothole, 2' in diameter, 2' to 3' feet deep and getting deeper. Located right next to the curb. Sinkhole is developing underneath the asphalt. Needs to be marked with a cone and tape, then repaired. I've reported this previously, but not on this system. No action was taken after I placed a phone call to the Streets Department.
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    11-41 Fontaine Dr Newnan, GA 30263, USA - Newnan

    Several pot holes on Fontaine have persisted for a while. Seems to be from prior utility work. Worst one is in front of 20 Fontaine mailbox but others exist from @#$% Bolin's house down past Judge Drake's drive. Please fix these.


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    Spence Ave Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    A deep pothole is on the right edge of Spence Ave between the stop light and RR track.
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    450-460 Newnan Crossing Bypass Newnan, GA 30265, USA - Newnan
    Large sinkhole spanning both southbound lanes right in front of Belk has created large upside down style speed bump.
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    Oak Lane Newnan, Georgia - Coweta County
    There are potholes , huge potholes, all the way down my street . I am worried about my and my neighbors vehicles.
  • Summer Grove Parkway Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    A pothole has opened up on the east side of the Summergrove Pkwy bridge where the concrete meets asphalt. It is where the new patch repair meets the concrete of the bridge. This spot has been a chronic problem and needs to be looked at to level the concrete and the asphalt so this doesn't keep happening.
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    Lower Fayetteville Rd Newnan, GA 30265, USA - Coweta County
    Pothole has opened up on the turn into Summergrove.
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    21 South Street Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    The street is sinking in making holes in the road
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    Nury Trce Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Steet has 2 large dips in. Can this be fixed? Also why hasn't paving taken place in the entire subdivision, only the street front entrance was repaved and no where else.
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    20 South Street Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    The street in sinking
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    17 4th St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    There is a pothole that is getting bigger just in front of the stop sign at 4th Street and 2nd street. The potholes on 4th street have been filed in several times but it never works. The street needs to be repaved like the other streets in the area.
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    1-27 Turner St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    There are 3 pot holes (dips) that need to be filled.