Carrollton, Texas

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  • Phone Pole Archived
    1827 Willow Rd Carrollton, TX ***** - Carrollton
    Theres a broken phone pole in the alley back of 1827 willow thats been broke for months? Needs to be fix ASAP some kid is going to get killed if it falls on them!!!!!
  • 1272 Donald Ave Carrollton, TX 75006 - Carrollton
    They keep their Chihuahua loose in their front yard 24 / 7 with no collar -- every time we walk our dogs the dog comes up to us. The front yard is not fenced.
  • 2040 Kings Rd Carrollton, TX 75007 - Carrollton

    Dozens of severe pot holes litter our street. They are caused by the roots of the Live Oak trees that line the spaces between the sidewalk & curb, on the entire half of the street west of Furneaux. Ash Hill, directly south of us, has been repaved within the last 5 years. It's our turn now! Stop repairing the pot holes - IT NEVER WORKS! It's a total waste of taxpayer money. Also, please take a look at the EAST end of King's Road - there are no Live Oak trees, and the street's smooth and even. No pot holes at all! Obviously the trees are causing the problem, and just filling the pot holes will NOT fix it! Carrollton, it's time to do right by your taxpayers on Kings Road and repave our street!


  • 1817 Willow Rd Carrollton, TX 75006 - Carrollton
    Driveway full of dead limbs and weeds,& leaf building setting on dirt not on a improved suffice!!
    Old wood pilled between fence & building,Rats nest.
    Everyone else has to comply !
  • 1819 Denton Dr N Carrollton, TX - Carrollton
    This house enclosed a porch over a year ago and have not completed the construction. There is plywood exposed and the porch is falling down.
  • 1112 E Russell Ave Carrollton, TX 75006 - Carrollton
    Van for sale has been parked on sidewalk with an suv over 2 months. I have called the city twice.
  • 2601-2999 Hebron Pkwy E Hebron, TX 75010, USA - Carrollton
    The railroad tracks on Hebron Parkway near Charles have been rough for almost 2 years now and continue to be damaging to my car. First, it was the inside and middle westbound lanes, now it's rough in both west and eastbound lanes. Slowing to a stop on a road with a 45 mph speed limit is not safe. I have tried to contact the city several times and they pass it off as the railroad's responsibility. The correct railroad representative is difficult to determine and so nothing has been done to fix the problem.
  • 1931 Kelly Blvd Carrollton, TX 75006 - Carrollton
    This train crossing is very rough. I slow down to less than 15 MPH to cross it so I don't damage my car.
  • 1705 Cottonwood Carrollton, TX 75006 - Carrollton
    Renovations were abandoned on this house over 3 years ago. There is a boarded up window and black paper across the front of the house.
  • 1800 Cottonwood Rd Carrollton, TX 75006 - Carrollton
    They seem to think that the lawn is their parking lot
  • 4100 Old Denton Rd. Carrollton, TX - Carrollton
    2 left turn lanes from North Bound Old Denton Dr. to West Bound Hebron Pkwy lanes marker are not visible. Since there are 2 lanes, cars from far left side tends to cross over to the wrong lane possibly causing accident.
  • Frankford Rd E Carrollton, TX - Carrollton
    Going East, feels like a my tires are going to come off!