Rockwall, Texas

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  • 203 Summit Ridge Dr Rockwall, TX 75087, USA - Rockwall
    Summit Ridge from Ridge RD to Lakeshore Dr used to be a quiet street.We need some speed bumps or some signs or something to encourage drivers to use the new and improved 205 instead of cutting through our neighborhood to get to the other side of town.We can not even safely check your mailbox for all the heavy traffic.Please help us.
  • speed limits Archived
    Goliad (205) Rockwall, tx - Rockwall
    From Ralph Hall to Emma Jane on Goliad the speed should be at least 45mph. No one goes less than that anyway. It's 6 lanes and has very few cross streets. Very straight.
  • 975 Interstate 30 Frontage Rd Rockwall, TX 75032, USA - Rockwall
    City needs to either put up new freeway lights or get the state to do it as soon as possible--the recent crimes and thefts along 30 would decrease immediately if it could be lit up like the other urban freeways around Dallas.Rockwall is not a little sleepy town anymore---lets get with it guys.
  • United States - Rockwall
    Rockwall should be ashamed positioning officers in wait of people to cross this mess they call a double white line. Its, yellow, no wait it's white...maybe it's black. You cannot tell, it's poorly defined and is a huge safety risk to those using the frontage road.
  • 701 Industrial Boulevard Rockwall, Texas - Rockwall
    Large Pothole in the right lane by 30 & Industrial. Seems to be getting worse every day.
  • Rockwall, TX - Rockwall
    On Yellowjacket at Goliad in both directions right turn only arrows need to be painted on pavement. No one pays attention to signs
  • New striping Archived
    1220 E Farm To Market Road 3097 Rockwall, TX 75032, USA - Rockwall
    The left turn lane from EB Horizon to NB Ridge Road is almost completely faded. The double yellow line IS completely faded and worn out. Someone needs to throw some paint down before there is a head-on collision.
  • 650 Turtle Cove Blvd Rockwall, TX - Rockwall
    street light comes on and goes off repeatly
  • 112 Weston Ct. - Rockwall
    Please have resident remove basketball goal from middle of cul-de-sac. Thank you.
  • 573-657 Bass Rd Rockwall, TX 75032, USA - Rockwall County
    MORE Grafitti on the brick wall of Tubbs and the Windmill Ridge housing addition. Horrible!!
  • Market Center And Haven Ridge Rockwall, TX 75032, USA - Rockwall
    Some street signs in this area are crooked and need to be straightened and tightened. It is unsightly and have been left this way for a while. I saw kids shaking a street sign pole here and the sign was rocking back and forth it was so loose.
  • 903 S Goliad St Rockwall, TX 75032 - Rockwall
    Hand always red (don't walk) at Goliad and Boydston