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  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    Appian Way Apartments Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Graffiti on the far south end wall of apartment building facing Edwards St.
  • 6650-6798 Airport Fwy Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    First last month started with rail road ties from what looked like a yard landscape and now there are black trash bags.
  • Damaged sidewalk Acknowledged
    5217 Parkview Dr Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Although this is not the only one in the neighborhood, it is one of the worse ones where anyone with a stroller could no get through on the sidewalk
  • 2201 Thomas Rd Fort Worth, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    What can be done when the property owner dumps the debris themselves and are exempt? Maybe if they could put more plywood over the doorways until the funds can be appropriated to dispose or refresh this property/building
  • N.E. Intersection Of Bakers And Thomas Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    There is a serious driving hazard at the N.E. Intersection of Bakers and Thomas. The brush has overgrown to the point where making a turn at this intersection cannot be completed in a safe manner. It hinders vision and creates a serious liability issue for the city. This is city owned property, not residential. Please have this fixed immediately as the next "guess it's safe" could cause an accident.
  • 3229 Rita Ln Haltom City, Texas - Haltom City
    Auto body work and restoration work in driveway - oils, transmission fluid, paint stripper, paint, etc washed off driveway into gutter/storm sewer. Seems to be on-going activity.
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 5708 Bonner Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Incessently barking dog! All night and all day.
  • 5900 Lower Birdville Rd Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    This property looks like it was being improved several months ago but somehow other than poorly mowed at the fence line, it has debris spread over several lots to the east and west of this location.
  • 4416 Mckibben St Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    When I stopped this cart guy, he showed to be from a location on Belknap but was not wanting to divulge the owner of the cart. I didnt see a permit on the cart. I noticed he sold the various ice creams for 50 cents to latinos and $1 to whites. These guys should have to have info that identifies them clearly and need to get a permit from the city. Im sure if I was sitting at a ball game and was selling sodas from a cooler, the concessions folks would get riled. This coupled with parents out of control and litter abounding during the game, there should be a clear city admin and police presence, instead of moonlighting in uniform while off duty.
  • Intersection Of Hwy 377 & Webster Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Left turn lane light bulb out when facing north bound on Hwy 377 (waiting to turn on Webster going West).
  • 6500 Airport Fwy Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    Pallets and other rubbish piled and strewn about, seems to be the new dumpsite for various items.
  • 6001 Belknap At Carson Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    W/B belknap left turn light to S/B Carson is only about 4 seconds or so. There are at times 20 or so cars there trying to turn left but only 2 to 4 get through the light and there has been an increase in cars cutting across the empty feild or simply running the red light. Time needs to be added during those heavier times to eleviate the congestion and hazard.