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  • White Plains Rd Scarsdale, NY - Scarsdale
    little to no service
  • In Mamaroneck Village On Fenimore Road At Cortland Ave - Mamaroneck
    Ugly box now made even uglier!
  • 101 Hoyt Ave mamaroneck, ny - Mamaroneck
    Northwest Bound traffic on Mamoroneck Ave making left turn onto Hoyt Ave. Left-Turn Signal Light has been burned out for years.
  • Palmer Avenue New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Pot Holes from 2201 Palmer Avenue until the turn onto Potter Avenue
  • 14-24 Kings Hwy New Rochelle, NY 10801, USA - New Rochelle
    I was almost hit head on by another car who totally crossed over double yellow line trying to avoid potholes!!! Somebody is going to get seriously hurt here!!!!
  • 1260 W Boston Post Rd Larchmont, NY 10538, USA - US Congressional District NY18
    There are several ridges that extend across all lanes. If you don't slow down to about 25 MPH, it is bone-jarring. I would think that they could grind these ridges down and the problem would go away...
  • Soundview Dr Larchmont, NY - Larchmont
    Multiple streets intersecting at Stuyvesant Ave. need pedestrian crossings and better signage. There are many walkers and no sidewalks - too dangerous, especially for the children walking to school.
  • 809 Rockland Ave Mamaroneck, NY 10543, USA - US Congressional District NY18
    The area around the intersection of Rockland and mkenna is a total disaster.
    There are no sidewalks, along with a steep drastic turn.
    The issue is made worse due to the limited access routes in this particular area for children heading to the high school.
    The town need to make this area safer for pedestrians asap before someone gets killed.
    I have written both the mamaroneck town supervisor as well as the larchmont Gardens asoc to no avail?
  • 115-137 Eastchester Rd New Rochelle, NY 10801, USA - New Rochelle
    cars are going into the Opposite lane to miss the pot holes.
  • HUGE POTHOLE Archived
    Grand Boulevard And Stratton Road New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    HUGE POTHOLE COVERED WITH A RED CONE at intersection grand boulevard and stratton road. IT HAS BEEN THERE FOR WEEKs.
  • 570 N Barry Ave Mamaroneck, NY 10543, USA - Mamaroneck
    it seems every time these potholes are patched the patches come undone!
  • Memorial Hwy (Before Burling La) New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    At least 4 to 5 potholes on Memorial Hwy up to Lockwood
    As of today 4/1/10 the pot holes are now bigger and a car just hit them and got 2 flat tires. How about fixing them the right way