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  • 67 Woodhollow Ln New Rochelle, NY 10804, USA - New Rochelle
    Pothole in the street at end of driveway in front of 67 Woodhollow caused flat tire
  • New England Thruway New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    There are dozens of potholes at the EZ Pass Toll Booths in New Rochelle. They have shamefully been there for years! This is what we get for our NYS tolls hikes! Our toll fares at work?
  • 1001-1005 Old White Plains Rd Mamaroneck, NY 10543, USA - US Congressional District NY18
    The first half-mile of this road is badly rutted, washboard surface with numerous potholes. Maintaining control of the car is not easy and low speed is recommended. Town seems incapable of doing a proper repair. Update: Oct 4, 2011 - the situation still persists. This road is a disgrace! Update: March 2012 - no repairs this winter and this road is worse than ever. It should be condemned as UNSAFE, and those responsible for its condition removed from their positions. A total disgrace for Mamaroneck ! whose Public Works department simply does NOT WORK !
  • leveling road Archived
    Memorial Highway new rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    a severe bump at the roundabout exit heading towards Division Street
  • Post Road Near Thompson Pl. - Larchmont
    There are a lot of these all over Larchmont, manhole covers that haven't been raised with each resurfacing. They are a menace and make driving our streets very uncomfortable.
  • Flint Park Larchmont NY 10538 - Larchmont
    in Flint Park by the new socer field the traffic does not know which way to go. They are going in all directions
  • free parking Archived
    230 North Ave New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    new juice bar -free parking all day big black suburban [ owners car ]
  • 2 Homer Ave Larchmont, NY - US Congressional District NY18
    Intersection really needs to be a 4-way stop. Or a round-about could be installed. Residents on both corners of Homer / Murray have landscaping that requires entry into on coming traffic to properly see. Traffic speeds on murray.
  • pot hole Archived
    255-295 Union Ave Harrison, NY 10528, USA - Harrison
  • Bushes need trim Acknowledged
    42 Hommocks Rd NY 10538 - US Congressional District NY18
    Bushes are trimmed too close to the road forcing vehicles onto the other lane.
  • 90 Murray Avenue Larchmont, NY - US Congressional District NY18
    Overgrown hedges make walking on the sidewalk impossible. Owners also run sprinklers during morning commute time - forcing people to walk in street.
  • Overgrown Hedge Acknowledged
    46 Vanderburg Ave Larchmont, NY 10538 - Larchmont
    Bushes overgrown on Larchmont Avenue sidewalk. Resident needs to trim back bushes.