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  • 1183-1195 New York 125 New Rochelle, NY 10583, USA - Scarsdale
  • Osborne Rd Rye, NY - US Congressional District NY18
    As people return home from their trek from the city, they walk up Osborn Road only to find the street light going off. Can we please fix it. It needs to stay on and not go on and off 20 times in one night. Thank you.
  • Mamaroneck Ave Mamaroneck, NY - Mamaroneck
    New Street and A&P cornors are approx 10 ft off center from each other. Cars turning left or right have near misses besides people turning left on red to go into New Street for the French American School.
  • Parsons St Rye, NY - Rye
    During School Hours (7am-3:30pm) this road should be avoided. Heavy traffic. During Drop off and pick up hoours, traffic can stretch up to a mile on the Post Road. In bad weather, forget about it.
  • Theall Road Rye New York - Rye
    There is a huge pothole across the width of Theall Road which cannot be avoided where they are doing construction. There should be a metal plate or whatever they use to avoid damage to the suspension, rims or wheels of cars. It's located a little bit before the stop sign toward the Boston Post Road intersection.
  • Boston Post Rd Rye, NY - Rye
    Use care when treveling through interection, very dangerous with dumb drivers.
  • 622 Rushmore Ave Mamaroneck, NY - Mamaroneck
    There were 3 stops signs put in after residents complained about speeding. However, the stop signs were put in bad places. Better enforcement was a better option then stop signs. They are unnecessary and don't work well.
  • Central Ave Rye, NY - Rye
    This bridge has been closed for about 5 years after we had a bad flood that compromised the bridge. Due to it being closed, side roads have recieved added traffic which neighboors don't like.
  • 1105-1181 New York 125 New Rochelle, NY 10583, USA - Scarsdale
  • Playland Pkwy Rye, NY - Rye
    Due to playland traffic and lack of WCPD manpower, this road often becomes a nightmare with playland traffic. Always avoid when there are fireworks!
  • Pothole Open
    Deep pothole.
  • Soundview Ave Rye, NY - Rye
    With the Rye Golf Club on both sides of the road, watch out for golf balls! They have been found in many backyards. Also be carefull when carts cross the street!