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  • North Avenue - Pelham Road Intersection New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Graffiti on the stone wall located at the base of North Avenue at the intersection with Pelham Road. Graffiti reads "BBQ" and is written with white spray paint.
  • 26 Willow Ave Larchmont, NY 10538 - Larchmont
    Larchmont Temple has no handicap door opener at the end of the entry ramp on Willow Avenue.
  • East Main Street - New Rochelle
    Uneven road bumps lumps and humps.
  • POTHOLES!!! Archived
    17-35 Huguenot St New Rochelle, NY 10801, USA - New Rochelle
    Massive potholes on Huguenot Street from Stephenson Boulevard to Rhodes Street. Not just from the winter but for the past year. Has only been getting worse
  • 245 Main St New Rochelle, NY 10801, USA - New Rochelle
    This whole area needs to be repaved. Potholes are everywhere. This is the area infront of Joey's pizza and deli.
  • 142 Griffin Ave Scarsdale, NY 10583 - US Congressional District NY18
    A massive string of potholes - all over Griffen. The whole street is in dire need of a repaving, and drivers are forced to weave in/out of lanes to avoid the hazards.
  • 67 Woodhollow Ln New Rochelle, NY 10804, USA - New Rochelle
    Pothole in the street at end of driveway in front of 67 Woodhollow caused flat tire
  • 305 Church St New Rochelle, NY 10805, USA - New Rochelle
    Street light out in front of 305 Church St, near the intersection with Davenport Ave.
  • Mayflower And Pershing Avenue New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Large potholes on mayflower ave as you turn into pershing. Also potholes further down mayflower towards pelham
  • Murray Ave Larchmont, NY - US Congressional District NY18
    Deep pot hole on Murray between Maple Hill Dr & Maplewood St.
  • 1001-1005 Old White Plains Rd Mamaroneck, NY 10543, USA - US Congressional District NY18
    The first half-mile of this road is badly rutted, washboard surface with numerous potholes. Maintaining control of the car is not easy and low speed is recommended. Town seems incapable of doing a proper repair. Update: Oct 4, 2011 - the situation still persists. This road is a disgrace! Update: March 2012 - no repairs this winter and this road is worse than ever. It should be condemned as UNSAFE, and those responsible for its condition removed from their positions. A total disgrace for Mamaroneck ! whose Public Works department simply does NOT WORK !
  • North End Waverly And Stratton Aves New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    the pot holes are so bad drivers are forced to oncoming lanes.... causing near fatal misses