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  • 2-146 S. Academy Ave Glenolden, PA, USA - Springfield
    Again the same people do not shovel their sidewalks or driveway. They should be fine. You can't walk on the sidewalk since you can't cross at the corner. Driveways this should be a law that you must clear the common part of your driveway just because you have a parking sticker you still should have to clear the common driveway. Every year it's the same people please do something or make it a law to clear your property. I pay to get mine done and I don't have the money but I don't want anybody to fall.
  • 71-83 Powell Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Library sidewalk on Williams Park side never shoveled. Sidewalk in front of Williams Park sign needs another shovel (still snow covered).
    Corner property sidewalk of Powell Rd & Brock Rd never shoveled (citation needed perhaps?)
  • 1-51 S Hillcrest Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Drivers trying to "beat" the light at Saxer travel southbound on S. Hillcrest at high speed. Many children in the area.
  • 300-398 N Rolling Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    The speed limit in this residential area is 25 mph. Yet cars and trucks do 40 or 50 mph at all times of the day and night. If you are doing the speed limit, sometimes a car behind you will even honk their horn or give you the finger. People use this as a short cut to Route 1. I'm afraid to walk up or down the street, fearing someone will lose control of their vehicle at a high rate of speed and do some damage.
  • 401-499 Fairview Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
  • 133 Rosetree Road - Springfield
    yield means yield people!!! on ramps onto bypass mean yield to drivers doing 60-65!!!!
  • 301-399 S Norwinden Dr Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Pot hole has been there for weeks. Can someone get CVS to fix it? Thank you.
  • 651 N Chester Rd At Baltimore Pike Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Springfield
    Only 2 or 3 cars can go during one light
  • 500-598 W Sproul Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Making a turn onto Kennerly from Route 320 is nearly impossible unless a vehicle has triggered the signal on Kennerly. Is there any possible way a timing device can be installed?
  • 767-831 Sheffield Dr Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    The majority of drivers do not stop at this stop sign or any stop signs on Sheffield Dr.
  • 500-654 Lehann Cir Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Several times have seen teenaged kids hanging out on the corner in the evenings. I have later found trash, empty liquor bottles and cigarette butts all over the ground. It has happened too many times for it to not be them leaving this mess. They are technically on a neighbors property line, i guess he just has never been bothered to call the cops. They are making his yard look like trash.
  • 400 Lynbrooke Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Cars line up in front of St. Matt's on Lynbrooke Rd and around the corner on Bennett to pick-up kids. They park & have cars turned off - this is not a drive through line. Cars block the view of other drivers as they come up to the Stop signs. They pull in front of you to do a u-b to turn around & get in the line correctly. It's a safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians. Why can't they use the school parking lot - have teachers walk the kids around the block to the lot if construction is going on.