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  • United States - Springfield
    As a person who drives this route almost everyday, something that annoys me a lot are those drivers who STOP at the yield from 420 on to 320! There used to be poles to illustrate that this was a yield, but they're gone now. There is an ENTIRE merging lane that you can use to get over. Drivers who stop are making unnecessary traffic.
  • 100-108 Scenic Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Traveling down this small stretch is extremely dangerous and I have whitnessed several accidents over the past few years. 1-Scenic Road traffic goes from one way to two way without indication, I have whitnessed many near head on colissions and cars hitting the curb. 2-This road is windy and on a steep incline and going down hill people pick up alot of speed. This is especially dangerous as there are blind curves when traveling both directions approaching the intersections of Madison and Midland road. As traffic pulls off these roads there are many accidents and near accidents. 3-This also goes for the train station enterance around the curve at the bottom of Scenic Rd. 4-Aside from that, the traffic traveling up the hill tends to speed and rev their engines on the incline. Then they reach the top of the hill and speed around the curve at Scenic Hills Elementary School. The childern stand no chance against a car speeding around a blind curve. 5-Finally there are several driveways on these curves and they are a nightmare to pull in and out of, one second it is clear, next there is a car barreling around the curve. More signs would only be "white noise". IF THE SPEED LIMIT WAS REDUCED THEN ALL THESE PROBLEMS COULD BE ALLEVIATED, AND PEOPLE WOULD HAVE MORE REACTION TIME FOR ALL THESE OBSTICLES ON THIS SMALL STRETCH OF ROAD. People should need to travel higher speeds through our backroads.
  • 998-1098 Baltimore Pike Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    from thompson ave. to blue route, patches and holes everywhere! 2-3 years like this! all the taxes and fees we pay and the state allows this crap!!! DISGRACEFUL!!!
  • Billboards Archived
    Baltimore Pike - Springfield
    Will will those new billboards be going up on the pike? I think they will be a big improvment for Springfield Twp.
  • Baltimore Pike - Springfield
    We need more of those fancy billboards here in Springfeild.
  • 226-310 S Bishop Ave Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    A sign is CLEARLY posted at the exit of Walgreens. NO LEFT TURN. If that is an inconvenience...TOO BAD!
  • 794 Baltimore Pike Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    The newly installed lot lights resemble stadium lighting and are on all hours of the night. The neighboring properties are illuminated, lighting entire rooms. Light blocking curtains can stop these beams! Turn them off at 10:00PM!
  • 164-198 Saxer Ave Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Drivers are not obeying the sign in the crosswalk that they should yield to pedestrians. I've watched "unaware" drivers on cell phones continue through, while I was in the middle of crossing.
  • Huge Pothole Archived
    100-198 S Bishop Ave Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Springfield
    this pothole has gotten the best of me a couple times
  • 2-70 W Woodland Ave Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    The signal at the trolley crossing on 420 in Springfield is useless. Since the trolley has returned to service the traffic problem in this area (mornings and afternoons) has become ridiculous. This signal often changes for no reason at all and will stay red for an extended period of time, then suddenly turn green.
  • 100-198 Fairview Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    People use this street so they do not have to make a left turn onto Springfield Rd from Powell Rd. There are often cars parked on either side of the street so only one car can get through at a time.Often I have to pull over behind a car to let people pass just so I can turn into my driveway. Sometimes I have to wait several minutes just to let all the traffic through. This street needs to be designated as "local traffic only" or a "do not enter" street during rush hour. This problem has been going on for years and it needs to stop.
  • 2-198 N Bishop Ave Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Springfield
    The traffic on Bishop going towards Baltimore Pike gets backed up so badly at Springfield Ave. The timing of the light needs to be changed so it's longer to allow more cars to pass through. The traffic often is backed up beyond Harwarden, especially on weekends. Please fix this!