Ulster County

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  • 210-1224 Fawn Rd Saugerties, NY 12477, USA - Ulster County
  • 290 Main St New Paltz Ulster County, NY - Ulster County
    Three major potholes on the bend from New Paltz 87 exit towards Poughkeepsie that caused a flat tire.
  • 1-339 Jansen Rd Pine Bush, NY 12566, USA - Ulster County
    This road is very bad. Every 100 Feet their is a Pot Hole Calling your cars name!
  • 293 Mike Krout Rd Saugerties, NY 12477, USA - Ulster County
    This road is posted at 40 mph, but you have all kinds of traffic, legal and otherwise. In one hour I saw 2 cars going about 60, 1 motorbike doing a wheelie for 300 yards, 1 woman driving an SUV towing a golf cart with her teen daughter in the cart who has a broken arm and the cart being towed by a strap; horse trailers, waste removal trucks that aren't covered, the list goes on and on..
  • 134 Main St Saugerties, NY 12477, USA - Saugerties
    When the farmers market is open, cars park up and down main street in front of cahill school right under the NO PARKING signs. Makes it very difficult and dangerous for people pulling out of washington or cedar streets onto a state highway. why no enforcement? can i park there any other day of the week now? or is this special consideration for the birkenstock brigade?
  • 253-321 Post Hill Rd Mountain Dale, NY 12763, USA - Ulster County
    This road is not safe, between the potholes that you cant avoid even going on 2mph and the flooding that takes up the whole road then you only guess where the next hole will be.
  • Albany Ave kingston, New York - Kingston
    Pot hole that caused the rim to bend, now I am loising air in the tire
  • Lake Katrine NY, USA - Ulster
    Cars heading south on 9W and using the cloverleaf to merge onto 199 West are not yielding to traffic coming off of 199 West to get onto 9W south. Cars often have to stop on 199 to yield to vehicles merging onto 199 West. All merges onto 199 and 9W should have yield signs
  • 1081 Development Ct Kingston, NY, 12401, USA - Lincoln Park
    This road is busy and dangerous, there should be a crosswalk here so people can safely access these resources. There is already a traffic light present.
  • 320 Main St Saugerties, NY 12477, USA - Saugerties
    Cumberland speedy mart
  • Funds. Open
    Colonial Gardens - Lake Katrine
    Board in colonial gardens now for 4 years advertising for upgrades of KHA apartments.No one knows where the money is.
  • 151-199 Lodge Rd Saugerties, NY 12477, USA - Ulster County
    Two very large trees hanging over the road only being held up by power lines. At the end of Lodge rd when you turn onto buffalo a cluster of trees and wires block the rd. There are about three houses that must drive under these trees in order to get out. There is no other way. Again these LARGE trees are hanging over the road and only being help up by power lines