Ulster County

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  • Kingston Plaza Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    I have reported this before and even received a written reply in the mail that the matter would be addressed, but the light is still too long and it doesn't seem to be timed right for any direction. A waste of everyone's time.
  • Some Where In Hillside Acres Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Hillside
    Since January a young boy or child has been riding a four wheeled ATV with no license plate around the streets of Hillside Acres. I thought that there was an ordinance or law against this? The boy looks barely old enough to ride a bicycle let alone a motorized one. Where are the parents? Where are the police?
  • 153 Glen St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Build a new facility !!!!! The current residents, the future residents and the employees that provide our loved ones unmatched care deserve the best that we can give them. As taxpayers and as compassionate people, we need to make a positive change for our people. We provided the criminals a new 100 million dollar facility, why cant we provide our elderly the same?
  • 109 Cedar St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    The bodega on the corner of cedar and prospect is a neighborhood nuisance and magnet for malcontents. There are always people loitering and taking advantage of the stores sale of alchohol and drug paraphernalia in a residential neighborhood
  • 1004-1028 New York 213 Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster County
    water constantly running over road! Junkyard has trucks parked on both sides of road blocking vision! DANGER DANGER!
  • Kingston, NY - Kingston
    Theres been ongoing issues in Kingston Ny where certain families are being singled out, when serious crimes are being overlooked.. Also officers being sexually involved w minors and attending parties where minors are being served alcohol. It now has come to light that there has been salaries pai...d illegally to officers for shifts that were not fullfilled or double time cards being submitted. Most recent issue was last night where two men were tazed, repeatedly punched to where there are visible marks on their body, and held overnite at the station,without being told of their rights and excessive force was used, these 2 men are currently being treated at the emergency room as I write this. Enough is enough! When is this going to end??? And who can we contact for help?? WE NEED HELP!!!
  • 9w Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    they stand right on the edge of the road while cars are waiting for the light.one day they'll end up getting hit by a car they are so close to moving cars.its a safety issue and a distraction to drivers.
  • 637 Lucas Ave Ext Hurley, NY - Hurley

    The traffic flow in this area on Lucas Avenue Ext around runs at 45 MPH. There is a blind-turn and it's hard to see traffic coming and going.

    Asking for area to be evaluated for safety concerns.

  • Wall Street And Main Street Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    A stop sign is needed for the corner of Wall St and Main St. (in front of Old Dutch Church) for South Bound traffic on Main Street. The visibility is poor and I have had many near misses!
  • All Over Kingston, NY - Kingston
    I think most of us enjoy music but when someone else's choice is imposed upon us, and even rattles the windows; I believe it goes beyond personal preference and encroaches on another's rights. I would also like to include the motorcycles without mufflers. This is a quality of life issue. If these vehicles were stopped and ticketed or even searched how much more pleasant would the city of Kingston be?
  • 6660 State Highway 52 Ellenville, NY 12428, USA - Ulster County
    The entire length of State route 52 in Ulster County is in very poor shape. Repave before an accident occurs and the state and county get sued for poor road conditions.
  • United States - Kingston
    Tear down the old Jail. Use the Property to build a new nursing facility for our Ulster County residents. The residents that have paid taxes in this county all of thier lives and the Nurses that have dedicated thier lives to care for these people, deserve the best that we can build. We can accomodate the Criminals with a new facility, but not the Elderly? Think about where you want to be, in your Golden Years. I would like to know that if I need them, Golden Hill will be there for my family and me.