Ulster County

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  • 878 Sawkill Rd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster
    The incessant blaring of horns from the CSX trains going through the Lake Katrine area has gotten out of hand. Our residence is on Hallihan Hill and thus is not really close to the trains at all. We're now forced to sleep with ear plugs whenever the windows are opened. Has anyone approached CSX about installing horn technology that limits the horn sound to the track crossings and not project throughout the surrounding area?
  • 2 Westbrook Lane Kingston, NY 12401 - Kingston
    With all the foot traffic that comes and goes from both egresses to the Kingston Plaza, I would love to see the plaza become more pedestrian accessible. Crosswalks, pedestrian right of way signage, a sidewalk or walkway for both entrances. As someone who frequently walks to the plaza with my daughter to shop, I am constantly on guard for speeding cars, people who are taking turns too quickly/tightly, and those who are not paying attention in general. There is no place for me to safely cross from Clinton Ave. into the plaza from either entrance, and no place to cross from the sidewalk on Westbrook Lane into the plaza (or for that matter- no way to safely reach the businesses in the plaza). Has this issue been introduced previously? Is it a matter of privately owned and maintained property? What action needs to be taken to see this addressed?
  • 1390-1398 New York 213 Ulster Park, NY 12487, USA - Ulster County
    There's an individual or group of individuals in the area that persistently set off illegal fireworks from about late April through early September every year. The possession and use of fireworks without a permit is a violation of New York State Law. Why has this problem persisted for so long. Where is law enforcement?
  • Washington Ave To Traffic Circle chandler drive, etc - Ulster
    the inner circle is to MERGE to the outer cirlce, and then exit. It's okay to go around one more time, instead of cutting people off. Or how about slowing down a little.
  • 534-536 Albany Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    With Quickcheck coming in, too much traffic trying to make a left, need left turn signal at the light, will help stop illegal lefts into quickcheck from albany ave.
  • 21 Elizabeth Street Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Drug sales, use & business discussion openly observed during all hours of the day, especially school hours.
  • Wurts St Bridge Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Can someone work on addressing the issue of the Connelly Bridge. Its such an eye sore. Not to mention the fact that cars heading south have to vere into the north lane to avoid hitting all the potholes and getting yanked tords the side of the bridge. A few years ago i contacted the NYS Bridge Auth. They told me that the brigde is one of theirs. Another note, if you were to walk under that bridge and look up. You can see massive sections of concrete missing. The city is apending all this money to redo the Rondout area,Lighting,Walkway,Docks. Whats going to happen when a piece of that bridge falls on a car or worse yet someone!!!! Can somebody look into this issue finally!
  • 555 Ulster Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Prohibit left turns coming out of the MacDonalds parking lot. Sight lines are bad as the road curves here, and the traffic is often too heavy and fast. People are always inching out and getting in trouble here. Bad accident just last week. Put up a No Left Turns sign and enforce it.
  • Sterling And Cedar St. Kingston, NY - Kingston
    Everyday I see this lady walking the streets in this neighborhood.
    She wakes us up everyday by yelling and screaming sometimes as early as 6:30am.
    She has escalated her behavior to punching street signs down by UPAC and she takes sticks and beats the electrical polls down there also.
    What can we do to help her help herself?
    I have tried to help her several times.
    Sometimes I find her crying and screaming in the middle of the road and I go and pick her up and make sure she is okay.
    The problem here is we have kids and everyday at the bus stops they see this behavior and its not okay.
    Its not okay to destroy public property.
  • 54 Franklin St. Kingston, NY - Kingston
    Debris in yard - there is no fence around the property and the debris is overwhelming. This same house had an issue with trash cans that were left out all week - that issue has been fixed and NOW this. There is a lot of young folks endlessly hanging around and this house is diagonal to the Kingston Public Library.
    Image to follow.
    Community Pride - where is it?
  • Potholes Archived
    16 Hurley Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Huge multiple potholes at intersection of Hurley Ave. and 'Washington Ave. Kingston,
  • New Paltz Road Highland - Ulster County
    This bridge has been out since early this year and is really impacting travel and schooling (buses rerouted, etc.) What is the hold up?? I understand there were issues with underground cables, PLEASE get this going already!