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  • Spring Street And Wurts St Kingston, NY - Kingston

    I was surpised today to find this new stop sign on this through road. While this may be simply a test, the positioning of these signs is ill-advised and may not become apparent until the next snow storm.

    As anyone who drives regularly up Wurts St when the snow is coming down, unless you "keep going" on this slope, you can easily skid or slide off the road. By placing this stop sign at this location, you are creating a situation that will be difficult to stop at and possibly impossible for non 4-wheel drive vehicles to get going again and could result in accidents.

    I notice that a previous poster complained about sight distances due to parked vehicles and snow pileups.

    A safer solution to that problem would be "no parking" signs too close to the intersection (a car length). Also just smarter snow storage and shoveling by residents.

    One other note - the new stops signs are slightly out of view and I didn't notice it until the last second today. They are also not marked "all ways". So drivers on Spring street who may not use Wurts, may not realize that Wurts now has stop signs too and could create confusion and potential accidents too.

    In sumnation - get rid of them. Slowing and stopping traffic only adds to pollution issues in the city as it is. The City should be seeking to reduce the number of unncessary stop lights and stop signs, not create new ones. Use of accident information and traffic volume counts can easily provide these answers rather than rely on loud subjective opinions which may be at the root of the sudden appearance of new stops signs.

  • 49 Boices Ln Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Lincoln Park

    When the adjacent railroad crossing is in use, ALL traffic at this intersection receives a red light.

    Traffic southbound on John M. Clark Drive could safely go straight (into Office Depot) or turn left onto Boices Lane while a train is passing. The traffic light should be configured to permit this.

    Because the light isn't set for this, one of two things happen: Traffic backs up unnecessarily on Clark Drive, or people run the red light. They shouldn't have to run a red light in this circumstance.

  • Washington Avenue Kingston - Kingston
    This property has been vacant and seems like it is abandoned. Weeds and overgronw grass make it look horrible
  • Pearl And Wall Streets Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    Save fuel. Save time. Save money. Lower Carbon Dioxide and monoxide. Shut off the Walk/Don't Walk cycle at Wall & Pearl by St Joseph's School at night - perhaps after 8 PM - and don't turn it back on until around 7 AM.

    Of course, a simple red/amber blink cycle would be even better, but that is perhaps too much to ask for.

  • 1-15 Van Deusen St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    My neighbors have warrants out for them and the police know where they are. I am wondering how long it will take for the police to come and arrest them? The police were told yesterday and another complaint has been made against them for threats. Does anyone know what we can do to get these people before they hurt someone? I have personally called the police, they know where these people are, so frustrating...
  • Belmont St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Belmont Street is a disgrace and I doubt if it is even legal from a safety/code standpoint. Entering Belmont wreaks havoc on one's vehicle and exiting is like a game of russian roulette. The steep grade makes it difficult to pull out and if there is snow or wet surface you can get stuck halfway on West O'Reilly spinning your tires. Add that now with spring growth you cannot see traffic from the left and you are basically taking your life in your hands anytime you pull out. I get complaints from family, friends and delivery drivers and there are even people who will not come over because of this man-made disaster.
  • Washington Ave And Schwenk Drive Intersection Kingston, NY - Kingston
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Golden Hill Dr Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Tear down the old jail and build a new Nursing Home on that property. The County already owns the property and therefore would not have to purchase the land somewhere else. The County will just waste the money on some meaningless cause anyway. I remember years ago when they were closing Huttons Nursing Home and they were transfering the residents to Conn. and Mass.. How would you like to drive to Connecticut to see your Dad for lunch?
  • Everywhere In Kingston Ny Kingston, NY - Kingston
    As a student of KHS I see plenty of kids doing graffiti and defacing property, (I myself only write on my own property, i try to keep it as legal as possible). I did some research and saw that there is no legal wall anywhere near Kingston and thought that adding a designated spot where people could write graffiti would cut down on the actual defacing of property in Kingston. Its like kids and swearing, if you let them get it out of their system early then they wont have to go around cursing behind your back to get it out of them. I know this idea is probably going to get denied but you have to look at it from our point of view, there are two types of graffiti. There is vandalim which is gang signs, vulgar language, and offensive material. And then there is the REAL graffiti/ Street art which is appealing to the eye, a good way to express your self, and has meaning behind it. You might think that this is all the same but us writers would argue that. A famous graffiti writer named Omar once said, "How many people can walk through a city and prove they were there? It's a sign I was here. My hand made this mark. I'm alive!" Thats all we want as writers, the feeling of being alive, being proud of our work, and having our presence acknowledged. Now like I said before, I personally only participate in legal graffiti but theres alot of people who do it illegaly just to get that sense of being alive even if it means defacing someone else's property. If you want to stop it then embrace it. I know it sounds weird but there are actually people out there who enjoy expressing themselves and not falling into the same boring pattern of a normal life. But like i said, this is probably getting ignored but if your still reading this, thanks for acknowledging me.
  • 294-382 Boices Ln Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster

    The rightmost lane of Boices Lane westbound has been crumbling for years. It periodically gets patched, but it quickly turns back into a washboard surface.

    Drivers trying to avoid this often straddle the lanes, sometimes unexpectedly, causing a traffic hazard.

    Boices Lane is marked as a county highway. The County should perform roadbed repairs and repave this stretch. The patch jobs aren't working. Stop wasting money on pothole patches and fix the underlying problem!

  • 70-198 County Road 31 Lake Katrine, NY 12449, USA - Lake Katrine
    It needs to be made clear that this is a 3-way stop. Every day there are numerous close calls here because drivers coming from 9w do not have a stop sign and drivers who are unfamiliar with the intersection do not wait for oncoming vehicles to clear the intersection before starting to accelerate.
  • One Bad Egg Archived
    Boulder Ave - Kingston
    Rental house on end of Boulder Ave..very nice quiet and well kept neighborhood,except for this unruly,inconsiderate and otherwise menace to society.Traffic in and out all night,yelling and cursing in the street ,suspecting some aspect of drugs.The list goes on slum lord,unkept property,junk cars andparts allways confrontation with neighbors.Just tired of dealing with TRASH!!!!!!!!!!