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  • Pit Bulls Archived
    Franklin St. Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Pit bulls all around this neighborhood -
    there are inadequate Fencing for them running loose in yards, etc. QUESTION: Are 3Ft fences adequate?? ALSO, I see young children holding them on leashes AND young men (who have trouble just holding up their pants) trying to hold on to these vicious dogs.
    This is an issue that should be dealt
    with pro-actively NOT AFTER some innocent child, etc. gets attacked. Is it safe to walk to the library or to the Hodge Center or even to come out of your house? How does the average layman determine which ones are friendly or NOT??? I see
    the Cat issues on the Agenda . . .
    what about Pit Bulls??
  • Washington Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Traveling Washington Ave after a certain hour, does not require traffic lights. Example, 8pm to 6am, all the lights can be set to blinking yellow on Washington, and blinking red on all cross roads. It is ridiculous to set at a traffic light, at 11pm, when no traffic is in the area. This can be done throughout the entire city.
  • Vandeusen St. Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    There has been an ongoing problem with a man named Bill P. for more than a month on my street. He is homeless and lives in his car often. His car was on my street on Vandeusen. He was told by Perry's to move it off of the street last night due to the fact that it had been sitting there for more than 3 weeks. The engine is blown in the car. Last night Bill pushed the car )with the help of a friend ) in front of my house on Vandeusen St. I told him to move it or lose it because I was calling KPD.. He then pushed it around Broadway to M&L Nail Salon across from Perry's where it sits right now as we speak.. I called the police last night at 8pm and reported this behavior. NO RESPONSE. I called back around 8;20.NO RESPONSE. I called again at 8: 30 and was told that an officer would check this out.. STILL NO OFFICER SHOWED UP. I can see the car from my window. By 9pm I gave up.. I watched 3 KPD cars go down Broadway and not one stopped and looked at the car. Not one called me or stopped at my residence to ask me about this problem.. They ask your name, phone number and sometimes your social security number.. Why? because I live on Vandeusen St.. This is B.S in CAPS.. This man is a problem. He urinates by the car. has defecated by Perry's building and he lives in his car, but KPD has said it is registered and the tags are good, but the car does not run.. For that fact alone it should be removed from the city streets. Now it is this poor lady's problem. She has a great business and does not want riff-raff parking in her lot.. What a shame no one is doing anything.. I can not solve this on my own.. I need help!!!!
  • 10 Lucas Avenue - Kingston
    Pave Lucas Avenue, you skimmed of the top layer, how about putting down a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lucas Ave & Millers Lane Kingston Ny - Kingston
  • 1100-1154 County Road 31 Saugerties, NY 12477, USA - Ulster County
    There have been no white "Speed Limit 55 MPH" signs on this stretch of road for approximately 4 years now! The speed limit has always been (and should remain) 55 mph along the entire length of Kings Highway (except for the 40 MPH zone traveling south near the traffic light at Glenerie Blvd.) Many motorists on this road are unaware that the speed limit is 55 MPH because there are no white signs, and they needlessly hold up traffic behind them by only driving about 30-35 MPH! There are many yellow "Recommended Speed 45 MPH" signs around the turns, but there are absolutely no white 55 MPH signs whatsoever for approximately 3 miles! Many drivers even pass on the double yellow lines because there aren't any dotted lines for passing zones along the entire roadway! This is very inconvenient for the people who use this road as a way to cut around the horrendous traffic through Saugerties!
  • 53 N Front St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    It's hard to get down North Front during the day, especially during lunch hour, because of all the double-parked vehicles. The worst offenders are the delivery trucks that brazenly block traffic while unloading.

    It's illegal and it's dangerous. It's asking for traffic accidents.

    Please start aggressively ticketing and/or towing double-parked vehicles on North Front Street.

  • Rt. 9w & John Clark Dr. Town Of Ulster Ny USA - Ulster
    The parking lot at the staples/Burlington Coat factory is a traffic mess! With no curbing, directional arrows, or even "road/lanes" markings It becomes a free for all getting in and out of there!
    I honestly cant see how the place EVER got a C of O from the building dept, and highway dept with a lot like that! But yet they still tell the owners how many handicap spaces they need!
  • Wall And North Front Streets - Kingston
    I took a walk uptown the other day a saw a lot "art" (graffiti to some)being placed on stockade district buildings. There are pictures of nude women in the front window of the store next to Maxwell's. I thought this was the historic district. Its this the new image we are portraying for the tourists? Are these things going to be in place forever or is this a temporary showing? I don't believe many of these things are appropriate for uptown. Just curious.
  • 30 Franklin St Kingston, NY - Kingston
    EYESORE BIGTIME: This house has been
    abandoned for some time and is not only an eyesore, it could also be hazardous to other homes in the area, as although it is boarded up, the windows are broken and the rear door to back porch is opened. How long should neighbors be subjected to this?
  • 166 Boulevard Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    The road is in desperate need of repaving it is worse than running over a washboard especially traveling south
  • Broadway By The Ymca - Kingston
    No lines painted, cars drift from one lane to the other