Ulster County

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  • Wall And North Front Streets - Kingston
    I took a walk uptown the other day a saw a lot "art" (graffiti to some)being placed on stockade district buildings. There are pictures of nude women in the front window of the store next to Maxwell's. I thought this was the historic district. Its this the new image we are portraying for the tourists? Are these things going to be in place forever or is this a temporary showing? I don't believe many of these things are appropriate for uptown. Just curious.
  • Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster

    There has been a rash of jumpers on this bridge in the past few years, and one occurred just yesterday.

    The Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge was recently renovated a few years ago.

    Why were no fences installed along the edges of the bridge to prevent people from jumping off to commit suicide?

    I can't believe nobody thought to have fences installed here!

    It's the same thing with the new Highland River Walkway over the Hudson! No fences were installed here either! I am shocked at the lack of forethought on this matter!

  • 52 Grand St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    This bar should be closed and not reopened as a bar ever. The owner doesn't pay taxes on time and lets gangs, and or, drug pushers deal openly. This is also where the trouble started that led to the shooting on Smith Avenue.
  • 261-267 Foxhall Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Traffic northbound on Foxhall gets held up when a car tries to make a left onto Cornell. This usually results in cars stopped on the railroad tracks, especially when the turning driver fails to signal in time. There should be no left turn from Foxhall onto Cornell because of the danger of stopping on the tracks. Ideally, there should be a divider to physically prevent this left turn.
  • 152 Main St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Lafayette Avenue should be made a one-way street with no access from Main Street. In the mornings, Lafayette Avenue is like the Grand Central Parkway with traffic turning onto Lafayette to avoid the light at Washington Avenue.
  • 19 W Union St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Theres this german shepard that barks to much at this address, women needs to teach this dog not to bark at everything that goes by her house or leave that dog inside..
  • Drug Dealing Archived
    31 Green St Kingston, NY - Kingston
    Drug dealing all night. Shady people creeping about the neighborhood.
  • Greenkill Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    The intersection of Route 32/Greenkill Ave/Wall St/ S. Wall St/ Fair St is possibly one of the worst places to drive through in the city.

    On numerous occasions I have witnessed accidents and near accidents. We need to get this intersection fixed before a motorist or pedestrian is seriously injured/killed.

    One easy way to curb the traffic problems associated with this intersection is to build a round-a-bout like the traffic circle near I-87.

  • 91 Henry St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    people come in and out of here all night long, constant drug dealers and individuals with children as they walk out and down the street with open alcohol!
  • 101-301 Frank Sottile Blvd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster
    Conteúdo bloqueado por rejeições
  • Krout Rd & 9w - Ulster County
    There is a turn into Krout Rd from 9W with a cliff drop that is very dangerous. This has been reported but nothing is ever done to install a guard rail. This is a death waiting to happen.
  • 90-100 Orchard St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Someone keeps blowing his horn every morning to pick up someone for work and this happens about 6am to 7 am, even on weekends.
    Please use a phone.