Ulster County

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  • Krout Rd & 9w - Ulster County
    There is a turn into Krout Rd from 9W with a cliff drop that is very dangerous. This has been reported but nothing is ever done to install a guard rail. This is a death waiting to happen.
  • Grant Street - Lake Katrine
    I often walk my dog in the park on Grant Street. For years, this was a well kept neighborhood. The park was a safe, clean place to visit. However, during the last year, the park is unkempt, full of cigarette butts, trash, dog feces, food etc. Teenagers have sex there in broad daylight. There are always two to four large tow trucks, parked the wrong way on the street, and it seems that the residents of the house repair cars and store the debris (tires, oil, parts) in the driveway. Often there are other large ATVs and other commercial vehicles there. It looks like a used car lot or a gas station. It is an eyesore. I feel bad for the people who take great pride in the upkeep of the neighborhood as the houses are VERY close. If I lived there, I would constantly complain until this is cleaned up as it devalues the houses around it.
  • 99 Shufeldt St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Professional grade fireworks again allowed at this site with no action by Kingston police because relatives on both the police and fire departments. Drunken party goers allowed to shoot off fireworks for a half hour showering entire neighborhood as well as public roads with sparks and debris. Drivers swerving all over roads. It will take an accident and fire like the one in Port Ewen before this can no longer be covered up.
  • Golden Hill Dr Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    I stand with the people Ulster County that want to keep Golden hill, speak up now because if you don't the money people of UC will take it away, so please support Golden Hill.
  • Frank Sottile Blvd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster
    There is a turning lane to go onto Miron, but no traffic arrow. You take your chances between vehicles, or sit through MULTIPLE traffic lights to turn left.
  • North Front Street/Frog Alley - Kingston
    The sidewalk that is along Frog alley from the corner of North Front Street to the fire house is never shoveled after any snow storms. People are forced to walk in the road and it is very dangerous. Someone is going to get hit..
  • 1 To 65 Henry St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    I'm not sure if this is the exact address, but I drive down Henry Street, one block in from Broadway from Boice's and I continually get the head nod from the squalor hanging out on the porch of this house on a daily basis. There are four of five animals continually on the porch selling drugs. Again, I'm not sure of the exact address and I'm not taking pictures or giving descriptions of the people. If our police department is NOT aware of this house, all citizens in Kingston are in trouble. I truly feel sorry for the decent people living in or around Henry Street as it was once a beautiful thoroughfare. What happened? Stop drugs in Kingston!
  • dogs on beach Archived
    53 Delaware Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    people are walking their dogs on the beach allowing the animals to defaecate were children play
  • Delaware Ave - Kingston

    I took my dog up to the park this weekend. I was there for about 15 minutes and two cars drove up and parked in areas that were well out of the way as if they were hiding. One was a silver saturn vue and a man got out and opened all 4 doors, turned up his radio and sat in the driver seat and smoked something. Another car came up and parked for a while and then slowly moved out of the park watching 2 kids play baseball. It was enough to make me feel uncomfortable about being there so
    I left.

    Is Hasbrouck park patrolled on the weekends or at all? It seems like the park is a safe haven for people to do drugs without worrying about being caught.

  • Unnamed Rd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster
    The consant garbage on the side of the road leading to Sam's and Lowes and the Target entrance to the mall is a disgrace. Why cant the stores or the County keep this area clean? It reflects horribly on the county.
  • 455-461 Washington Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
  • 512 State Highway 55 Highland, NY 12528, USA - Ulster County
    Both lanes from EB before Rocking Horse Ranch all the way to Baileys Gap Road - LOADED with craters, the type that damage cars!
    VERY SERIOUS: E/B 44/55 (where the red marker is located) is a "patch job" that is far from even with the rest of the pavement; it is like drving up and down a cliff and broke my left side, front & back suspension (front stabilizer link & rear strut) going 40 mph.