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  • Church And Chapel New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    Rats have taken over the trash can and recycling can on the corner of Church and Chapel, right outside the Starbucks. They are out as early as 8pm at night, running between the two sewers and the trash cans.
  • Potholes Archived
    2-30 Knollwood Drive New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    The recent paving project left a patch of road, approximately 15 feet long, unpaved, with raised manholes exposed. This road hazard has been present for about three weeks now. When will it be fixed?
  • 199 Whitney Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Yale University Campus
    There is a curb over a sewer drain at the entrance to the medical office at 199 Whitney Ave. The curb is damaged and chipped. Patients turning right into the parking lot run the risk of having their tires slashed or blown out. It happens several times a year, recently just this week.
  • 240 Front St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    when it rains this drain over flows in the side walk and driveway...public works has not done nothing when i haved call in the past and now that the heat is coming raw seweage smell is coming out
  • Sewage Archived
    Nicoll And Lawrence New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    The street drain at this corner smell strongly of sewage. Could there be a backup in the sewer system here? If so can it be cleared to reduce the odor and probability of bio hazardous waste laying stagnant in our neighborhood?
  • 480 Fountain Street New Haven Connecticut - Westville

    On April 3rd, the city sewer line was pressurized and flooded my basement and first floor bathroom. 100's of gallons of gray water and feces flooded out from my washing machine drain & bathroom drains. My sewer line was snaked and the problem originates at the manhole & city sewer line on the main street outside my house.

    Please clean this manhole and ensure there are no line blockages further down the sewer line. The city must take responsibility to ensure the city lines are free of blockages and will not fill and flood homes. I have taken action, at extreme expense, to install check valves in my lines to safeguard my house. Please take action to do due diligence and check sewer traps and lines to ensure there are no blockages. This will only occur again further up the street.

    Thank you.

  • Hillhouse And Trumbull New Haven, CT - Yale University Campus
    Sewer drain at the corner of Hillhouse and Trumbull is clogged, resulting in a lake sized puddle at the crosswalk.
  • 37 Trumbull Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven

    NY City just lowered their speed limit from 30 to 25 mph. I am sure at the intersection of Orange and Trumbull Streets two accidents could have been avoided were the victims going anywhere near 30. No lives were lost. . .only injuries and property damage.

    Coming into the intersection off I-91 the ramp speed has a sign for 35 mph.

    The intersection has another unfortunate feature. The road surface has a drop from one level on west side of the intersection to a slightly lower elevation at the base of the on-ramp alongside Trumbull. Add the various potholes and you have trucks bouncing through the intersection, especially their speed is excessive.

    When the Fucci project completed after the sewer work, they repaved the Length of Trumbull from Prospect to Orange and across the intersection. Smooth new pavement brings speed until you hit the rough old road and then you get noise.

    Post a speed limit. . . start with 30.

    Repair the road surface to quiet the traffic.



  • 700 Block Of Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    The 2 blocks of Quinnipiac Avenue in and around Clifton Street have a string sewage smell emitting from drains. Also during heavy rains debris such as toilet paper, float out of drains. It is not the river or low tide it is sewage. Please fix.
  • 16 Garden St Apt E New Haven, CT - Dwight
    sewage is overloading the apartment. NO one has come to help. I have a handicapped daughter and need assistant inmediately
  • 900 Whalley New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Just an hour ago I witnessed two Asian males from Chen's Kitchen standing in the large lot along Blake with a big rectangular metal canister with wheels dumping a dark colored liquid directly into the sewer next to the river. Whatever they were doing, it looked sketchy. They're currently doing some kind of renovation to the restaurant, as the doors were propped open, chairs were up and there's a hose leading to a truck outside.
  • Sewage smell Archived
    285 Upson Terrace East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Shore
    @#$% smell. Day and night. Various times of the day. Sewage treatment plant smell is getting worse and more often. Sooooo bad today. This is a quality of life issue for tax paying East Shore residents.