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  • (pothole) Archived
    Beacon St Boston, MA - Allston-Brighton
    very deep pothole near the new residences at the reservoir. Its on the inbound side of Beacon Street
  • 729-731 N Arsenal St Boston, MA 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Going westbound at this intersection of N. Arsenal Street, the traffic light has four signals, the 4th being a green arrow (to turn left onto Soldiers Field Road). The green arrow light has been out for months (possibly a year!). It's very dangerous taking a left turn here because the oncoming traffic on N. Arsenal has a delayed light while you are allowed to make a turn (the green arrow should be lit for a few seconds before their light turns green on the other side of the road.)
  • Pothole Archived
    Mt. Vernon Street BRIGHTON, MA - Allston-Brighton
  • (pothole) Archived
    1 N Beacon St Boston, MA , 02134 - Allston-Brighton
    As you come from N. Beacon into Union square, it is in the right hand lane at the light.
  • Other Acknowledged
    855 Hwy 20 Boston, MA 02215, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Drivers fly through this red light constantly. Please check the 311 Twitter account for some video of it happening. Every light cycle in the time I waited for a train here, two or three cars sped through the red light, most after the crosswalk light was already illuminated. Especially with students back on campus, someone will be killed by this accepted driver behavior. We need traffic calming and red light enforcement here now.
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    Soldiers Field Rd Boston 02135, United States - Allston-Brighton
    This lamp post (which has no lamp attached) is located smack in the middle of the bicycle path. I ride by there almost daily. The other night, with strong headlights from oncoming car traffic, I almost ran into it even though I know it well. It’s time that it gets removed, it’s been there for years. At the very least could you have a crew do something so it’s visible at night? Thanks.
  • (pothole) Archived
  • Another mine field of potholes and frost heaves in both lanes heading eastbound on Commonwealth Ave down to the intersection of Kelton St, I recommend using the left lane, its a little better, but still tough.
  • There are multiple potholes on the stretch of North Harvard between Western Ave and Soldier's Field Road. Expect to find bicycle riders frantically avoiding these flat-makers and the cars jutting out from the parking lots. It's also narrow with cars parked on both sides, and is used by various buses, which makes dodging these potholes tricky at times.
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    160 Harvard Ave Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Bike lanes on both sides of Harvard between Brighton and Comm are used as non-stop delivery and rideshare parking from 5pm until at least 11pm. I promise you could make a really good return on no stopping violations if someone would patrol along that stretch every few minutes.
  • North Harvard Street is nothing but potholes. Why the city has never repaved it is beyond my imagination. The city's roads are falling to pieces as we speak.