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  • Other Acknowledged
    230-240 M Street Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Crosswalk is not observed. No one EVER stops and it takes forever to cross
  • Crosswalk Acknowledged
    M St And Day Blvd Boston, MA - South Boston
    Noone ever stops and people drive so fast that they can't stop even if they try.
  • Cars do not yield Acknowledged
    1408 William J Day Blvd Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Cars do not yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Those that do have other vehicles whip around them and almost hit pedestrians. This happens regulary. There is speeding, cars running red lights as well as not stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalk on a regular basis. This happens up and down Day Blvd with no traffic enforcement in sight.
  • 50 B Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston

    The dumpster at the public housing at 71 B Street often has trash blowing out of it and when it gets emptied by the trash trucks, the contents of the dumpster get thrown to the street and blown around. Most of that trash ends up in the front area of 50 B Street, including in the street under the curb and in the sewer drains. It also ends up blowing all the way down Gold Street to the dead end.

    We've been putting up with this trash issue for years now and it's not getting any better.

    Here's an album of images of the dumpster, street, trash, and a diagram of the flow of trash:

  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    211 Seaport Boulevard Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    Habitual illegal parking in bike lane, please issue tickets
  • S Bay Harbor Trail Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    another street light out on Harbor Walk on the path from the summer street underpass to the Gillette Plant.
  • 146 G St Boston, MA - South Boston
    The sign is gone and cars are going the wrong way on this street into on coming traffic.
  • Sidewalk to small Acknowledged
    272 Dorchester Ave Boston, MA - South Boston
    With the pipe on the sidewalk (both sides) of the bridge it is difficult to navigate. It is impossible in the winter and forces pedestrians on the road. Can this be fixed?
  • Harborwalk Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Just to the right of the "Carson Beach" Sign on the beach side of the sea wall there is a small pile of glass and a used hypodermic needle. The glass is right up against the wall. It should be cleaned up.
  • Skunks! Acknowledged
    440 East 8th Street Boston, MA - South Boston
    There are several skunks in this area spraying and biting. Two were on the sidewalk for half the night chasing every one and any one away, spraying all the time. they were fighting or mating. couldn't walk outside because they were so aggressive and were spraying. called for animal control. guy showed up and saw two skunks, mumbled something incoherent, then drove off. any way to get animal control to trap and remove?
  • 22-64 Interstate 93 Frontage Rd Boston, MA - South Boston
    This stretch of Frontage Road has been grated and remains unpaved for several months. Manhole covers and drainage grates are level with future paved street level and protrude sharply from current road surface. Yesterday I got a flat and damaged a wheel on the edge of a drainage cover. Could not avoid due to traffic conditions and jersey barrier. When will this stretch of road be repaved?
  • Summer And Elkins Boston, MA - South Boston
    There have been multiple fender benders at this intersection this spring. It is almost impossible to see south bound traffic on Summer Street from Elkins. Typically, there's an SUV that parks all day long right up to the corner. There is a charter school in the building right on the corner, still the Boston Police have done nothing to enforce parking at this intersection.