City of Boston Department of Public Works - South Boston

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  • 18 A St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    The scrap metal shop on B street is not cleaning up after their work. They leave sharp metal and other debris from their business for dogs to walk over an cars to drive over. If the city isn't going to enforce that this business operates within acceptable standards then they should clean up after them. This is a very busy traffic and pedestrian intersection ad needs to be clear of sharp metal debris.
  • 141 W 2nd St Boston, MA - South Boston
    The intersection of B street and 2nd street has a chicane that prevents the continuation of traffic down B street towards Broadway. This is unnecessary and only causes people to take a long route to Broadway down A street.
  • Across The Street From 220 And 222 Gold Street South Boston, MA 02127 - South Boston
    There is an empty lot across the street from several houses where someone leaves out wet cat food on a plate underneath a small table. I understand that the cats eat it but we've seen on several occasions that possums and skunks have been eating it too leaving to several rodent problems in the area, including cats and dogs being sprayed by skunks. I understand that the cats are being taken care of but this uncovered, wet cat food is causing several other problems.
  • Open Tree Pit Acknowledged
    423 East Eighth St Boston, MA - South Boston
    Tree Pit has been empty for years. Can a tree be put here to replace the weeds?
  • Pothole Archived
    157-177 Seaport Boulevard Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Potholes in the bike lane on Seaport Blvd headed southeast, at the intersection of Seaport Blvd and B St.
  • 353 Congress Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    The walk timer at this intersection (crossing A st while on Congress) is about 10 seconds long and only comes up every 3-4 minutes. This leads most pedestrians to get frustrated and cross when they don't have the light, but this can be a dangerous intersection with lots of traffic turning that may not see pedestrians. I've seen several people practically get hit here in the last few months. Better pedestrian right of way would go a long way to making this a safer intersection for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Used condom Archived
    6-24 William J Day Boulevard Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Used condom left of the field at Saunders stadium at Moakley park. The field and stadium is also littered with trash and broken glass. The raised planter at the main entrance is covered with weeds instead of flowers. The water fountain is broken. The park as a whole needs to be better maintained. The street hockey rink is littered with feces and broken glass. Homeless people are hanging around there drinking and making a mess.
  • 117-123 W 4th St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    This intersection has a traffic light when it looks as if it could be managed by a stop sign.
  • 165-179 W 4th St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    There are large potholes on both sides of the bridge going over the Bypass road. There was an earlier attempt this year to do a quick and dirty patch job but the warmer than average temperatures in the day and cold nights have cause the constant expansion/contraction of this area on the road bordering the bridge causing the patch job to quickly erode. Please fix this for a more permanent solution.
  • trash Archived
    460 East 8th Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    trash/garbage littered in front of address all the time. It is always a mess in front of this house.
  • 1672 Columbia Road Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    the traffic lights on L & Columbia rd & Day Blvd are outdated & dangerous. the blinking traffic lights that have been used for the past 30 plus years are not keeping up with the increase in car traffic that this area has seen as a short cut for South Shore commuters. Cars don't even stop for the solid red and yellow lights. they just drive right through them. There are a lot of near miss collisions as cars ease out to try and turn from L onto Day as the lights blink.
  • Iced out Archived
    707 East Broadway boston, MA - South Boston
    The sidewalk in front of Raveis realtors is a sheet of ice. Clean it up Raveis.