City of Boston Department of Public Works - South Boston

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  • Mice Archived
    438-440 East 8th Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    These two houses are vacant, but there are mice coming and going from the property. I can see mice from my porch scurrying in and out of the buildings. The building at 440 has an apple tree in the rear yard. There are hundreds of rotting apples laying on the ground and the mice are feasting on them. The owners of the buildings do nothing about it.
  • 1672 Columbia Road Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    the traffic lights on L & Columbia rd & Day Blvd are outdated & dangerous. the blinking traffic lights that have been used for the past 30 plus years are not keeping up with the increase in car traffic that this area has seen as a short cut for South Shore commuters. Cars don't even stop for the solid red and yellow lights. they just drive right through them. There are a lot of near miss collisions as cars ease out to try and turn from L onto Day as the lights blink.
  • trash Archived
    460 East 8th Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    trash/garbage littered in front of address all the time. It is always a mess in front of this house.
  • Iced out Archived
    707 East Broadway boston, MA - South Boston
    The sidewalk in front of Raveis realtors is a sheet of ice. Clean it up Raveis.
  • 738-746 E Broadway Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston

    Cars do not stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk between Stop and Shop and Rite Aid. Some cars will stop and the ones behind them will pass on the right nearing hitting people. This is extremely dangerous. People need to be more aware of their surroundings and not be so selfish.

    A police car should also be stationed here and pull anyone over who does not stop. There is a sign posted in the middle of the road and I believe it is a $200.00 fine.

  • Between M And N Street At Park - South Boston
    half of the tall lamp lightbulbs are out, mostly on side where playground is
  • Other Acknowledged
    166-180 West 4th Street Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Hypodermic syringes
  • Closed Crosswalks Acknowledged
    500 - 600 Congress St boston, Massachusetts - South Boston

    When the crosswalk at the intersection of Congress Street and Seaport Lane was closed for construction, a temporary one was created near the Seaport Hotel garage and WTC station entrance. This one has now been closed without Seaport Lane being reopened.

    The distance to walk legally from WTC station to Waterside Place next-door is now nearly a third of a mile. This is unacceptable.

  • 412 W Broadway Boston MA 02127 - South Boston
    The block (West Broadway and F Street) that Pan Asia is located on is filled with trash (beer cans, cigarette buttons, fast food wrappers). It unfortunate that Pan Asia is not helping out by keeping this area clean. After all, it is located right in front of their door step.
  • 438 East 8th Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Between 454 East Eighth st & 430 East Eighth st. there has been no parking for contruction for a week. The dates change every day without 48 hrs notice & no work has been done. When will contruction began? Stop posting no parking for contruction if no work is going to be done.
  • more skunks Acknowledged
    446 East 8th Street Boston, MA - South Boston
    overrun with skunks
  • 688 Summer St Boston, MA 02210 - South Boston
    stretch of terrbile road on Summer/L st from East 2nd down to the the Summer St bridge