City of Boston Department of Public Works - South Boston

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2010-08-25

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  • trash Archived
    628 East Broadway Boston, MA - South Boston
    ripped open bags of trash and litter everywhere. always trash in this area. storefronts are abandoned and residents don't sweep up.
  • Other Archived
    13 Flint Place Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Car parked on private road since Saturday. I'm not sure what to do. It is in my spot on a tiny, 4 house road. I've asked everyone including a utters if they have any idea.
  • garbage Archived
    646 East Broadway Boston, MA - South Boston
    trash and food dumped on the sidewalk and street
  • 94 B Street Boston, MA - South Boston
    I live on the corner of B and West 4th and the trash between B street and W Broadway is horrible. It looks like you've stepped into a 3rd world country once you take a right onto B from Broadway. Is there a way to get street cleaning once in a while on B street to help resolve this ongoing issue? Thanks!
  • 409-415 Dorchester Ave Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Injured baby seagulls are running across the street at busy intersection.
  • no parking Archived
    1410 William J Day Boulevard Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    car parked on Day Blvd between I & H in no parking zone
  • Beckler Ave Boston, MA - South Boston
    Beckler ave is not plowed at all yet. 4 foot drifts. Fire hazard!!! Fire hydrant is at end of street, inaccessible.
  • 383 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    This unfortunate expansion joint parallel to Summer St has its stuffing in poor condition right at the sidewalk ramp where arriving bikes/hubways would want to get up on the sidewalk. As a bike-tire size trench parallel to the road it could become a hazard for bikes for folks not mindful enough to swing out into the road so they cross it perpendicularly. Could the expansion joint stuffing be repaired to full/flush condition at least in this spot
  • All Street south Boston, MA - South Boston
    People park there cars on the wrong side of the street all cars should be faceing the same way,I thought that this was a law? you give tickets out for everything else why not ticket these people, this is also a danger people can not see when they are pulling out of the spot, why are you waiting for accidents to happen? start giving tickets NOW !!
  • 776 Summer St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Dozens of bad potholes line Summer Street heading into South Boston, between the channel bridge and E 1st St. Cars take a pounding.
  • Other Acknowledged
    386 Dorchester St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Panhandling is illegal. There are panhandlers gathered daily around the Andrew Square intersection where Southampton Street, Boston Street, Dorchester Avenue and Preble Street meet. I don't see anyone do anything about it. Can the law please be reinforced to stop the panhandling at this intersection?
  • Other Archived
    150 West 4th Street Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Damaged fire hydrant