City of Boston Department of Public Works - South Boston

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2010-08-25

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  • Beckler Ave Boston, MA - South Boston
    Beckler ave is not plowed at all yet. 4 foot drifts. Fire hazard!!! Fire hydrant is at end of street, inaccessible.
  • 708-714 Summer Street Boston, MA - South Boston
    The very tall street lights on both sides of Summer street are not working. This area has a bus stop on either side and pedestrians crossing frequently. It is dangerous and could use street lighting, lane markings, and crosswalks!
  • 383 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    This unfortunate expansion joint parallel to Summer St has its stuffing in poor condition right at the sidewalk ramp where arriving bikes/hubways would want to get up on the sidewalk. As a bike-tire size trench parallel to the road it could become a hazard for bikes for folks not mindful enough to swing out into the road so they cross it perpendicularly. Could the expansion joint stuffing be repaired to full/flush condition at least in this spot
  • 94 B Street Boston, MA - South Boston
    I live on the corner of B and West 4th and the trash between B street and W Broadway is horrible. It looks like you've stepped into a 3rd world country once you take a right onto B from Broadway. Is there a way to get street cleaning once in a while on B street to help resolve this ongoing issue? Thanks!
  • 409-415 Dorchester Ave Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Injured baby seagulls are running across the street at busy intersection.
  • 64 Seaport Blvd Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    flashing at seaport and sleeper major backups
  • 167 H St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Car parked in handicap spot, using a handicap plaque that does not match license plate of the car. License BZ4
  • 551 Dorchester Ave Boston, ma 02127 - South Boston
    Illegal trash disposal of a toilet. We manage the building of 551 Dorchester Ave. Someone illegally dumped a toilet in front of our building.
  • Pothole Archived
    The Envoy Hotel 70 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210, United States of America - South Boston
    Large deep pothole on the corner of Sleeper st and northern Ave. pothole has been there a while and continues to grow. Please fill ASAP!
  • 44-48 Stillings St Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    Almost 10 weeks now and good car with flat tires still hasn't moved from this spot. Still has its wipers up from the first time it snowed. Been ticketed at least once. How long will this car sit there?
  • 391-399 Northern Ave Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    Northern ave/tide street stop (inbound towards south station).. Bus shelter lights not working. Shelter is completely dark.
  • Pothole Archived
    47-51 Northern Ave Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    Huge Pothole Road Needs to be repaved