City of Boston Department of Public Works - South Boston

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2010-08-25

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  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    Head Island Causeway Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    No bikes allowed but there are bikes everywhere, speeding and weaving in between pedestrians.
  • crosswalk Acknowledged
    1844-1854 William J Day Boulevard Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    I was almost struck down in the crosswalk by a car today. One car waved me to go, another behind it swerved around to pass and almost killed me. When is this going to stop?
  • 22-64 Interstate 93 Frontage Rd Boston, MA - South Boston
    This stretch of Frontage Road has been grated and remains unpaved for several months. Manhole covers and drainage grates are level with future paved street level and protrude sharply from current road surface. Yesterday I got a flat and damaged a wheel on the edge of a drainage cover. Could not avoid due to traffic conditions and jersey barrier. When will this stretch of road be repaved?
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    61-99 Drydock Avenue Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    This vehicle is Parked on the sidewalk every day completely blocking it into the roadway making everyone walk around into the busy street. Never see a ticket on it but all the expired meters have one. Even if it is their "driveway" it is still illegal to park on the sidewalk!!
  • hypodermic needle Acknowledged
    Harborwalk Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Another drug needle is lying on the sidewalk along Carson beach. There are groups of homeless gathering in this area, setting up for the night. Drug & alcohol use is out in the open. How come the State police don't patrol this area? The barracks are only a few hundred feet away.
  • 18 A St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    The scrap metal shop on B street is not cleaning up after their work. They leave sharp metal and other debris from their business for dogs to walk over an cars to drive over. If the city isn't going to enforce that this business operates within acceptable standards then they should clean up after them. This is a very busy traffic and pedestrian intersection ad needs to be clear of sharp metal debris.
  • Across The Street From 220 And 222 Gold Street South Boston, MA 02127 - South Boston
    There is an empty lot across the street from several houses where someone leaves out wet cat food on a plate underneath a small table. I understand that the cats eat it but we've seen on several occasions that possums and skunks have been eating it too leaving to several rodent problems in the area, including cats and dogs being sprayed by skunks. I understand that the cats are being taken care of but this uncovered, wet cat food is causing several other problems.
  • Open Tree Pit Acknowledged
    423 East Eighth St Boston, MA - South Boston
    Tree Pit has been empty for years. Can a tree be put here to replace the weeds?
  • Water fountain Acknowledged
    1400 Columbia Road Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    The water fountain along Day Blvd, at the intersection of G ST., has been running water since this spring. It never turns off. Any way this can be fixed? It seems like a waste of water.
  • 141 W 2nd St Boston, MA - South Boston
    The intersection of B street and 2nd street has a chicane that prevents the continuation of traffic down B street towards Broadway. This is unnecessary and only causes people to take a long route to Broadway down A street.
  • 253 Summer St Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    light out on harbor walk second one from when you exit the short tunnel from down from summer street to harbor point along fort point channel.
  • 1732-1768 William J Day Blvd Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    State police & state elected officials, please continue to try to curb the excessive drinking and Mardi Gras culture that has taken over at M st. beach in the summer. It is a disgrace that families don't feel comfortable at a local beach because of inconsiderate new neighbors that think it's ok to break the law and be beligerent in front of families and children.