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  • Kimball Bridge Road Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    There is a blinking white strobe light on a tower off of Kimball Bridge Road. I think the owners of the tower need to check it out as I think it should be a constant red one instead. it is most noticeable at night and very annoying when trying to sleep
  • 225 Fieldstone Path Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta

    For a number of months now, there is a car parking in our cul-de-sac in front of our drive way. This blocks us backing up our car and even makes leaving our driveway difficult. We have talked to the owner and it doesn’t seem to have had an effect.

    This car is not owned by one of the residents and is most likely owned by someone who comes to work at one of the houses

    Urge you to take appropriate action to stop this illegal parking as it’s clearly marked parking in cul-de-sacs is not allowed.

  • 3468 Ga-120 Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Black bag of trash on left shoulder of westbound Old Milton Parkway just before you cross the bridge over Big Creek.
  • Park Issue Acknowledged
    218 Thompson St Alpharetta 30009, United States - Alpharetta
    Garbage can overflow on the new alpha loop north of Thompson Road at the reservoir by Goswick Creek sign near the bike repair station
  • Waters Rd Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Heading east on Waters towards Jones Br there is a massive pothole approx 3 subdivisions down from Lauren Hall. It's large enough that if a motorcycle were to hit it, it wouldn't be a pretty site.
  • Greenway Issue Acknowledged
    Ga-400 N Alpharetta, GA, 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    We love cycling and walking the Greenway but it seems a lot of road bikers are using it for training and not respecting the speed limit. Lots of folks walk, run and cycle and many with headphones so they can’t hear anyone over taking but speeding road bikes are a particular problem. This is a community trail and unannounced, speeding cyclist need to be more courteous. We always announce our arrival ‘on your left’ but riders who are using the trail for training need to find another venue. Too many kids, dogs on and off leash, headphones to be speeding along. It’s becoming too dangerous. We understand that cycling on city streets is a death warrant
    but courtesy needs to be enforced on the Greenway for all users! Thanks for any help with this!
  • 6800 North Point Pkwy Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta

    We took our kids for a long stroller walk on the greenway trail today. One of our tires was low, and I saw a sign for the bike repair station at the parking area off of north point parkway. I was pumped (no pun intended) that there was a community bike pump available. However, after attaching it to the tire, it deflated it the rest of the way and wouldn't work to reinflate. Thankfully another biker arrived who had a pump and bailed us out. He actually stated he had used it before and it did the same thing to his tire, and is why he always brings his pump along.

    Long story short: please repair/replace the pump. Great feature but actually makes you worse-off than before you use it.

    New resident to Roswell

  • 1125 Mayfield Road Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Shoulder area along sidewalk side of road has several potholes. This shoulder will likely be an on-going problem until the road is widened for school bus traffic.
  • 707 Sorrel Ln Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Working signs left by the crew on the property lines, New pavements done month ago!!
  • 707 Sorrel Ln Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Work signs left for a month already, please remove
  • 1105 Jennifer Oaks Dr Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Improper drainage behind 1105 Jennifer Oaks Dr. I reported this issue to HOA board on 3/2016. I have sent multiple emails to the HOA regarding my concern as water draining from Squirrel Run floods the back of my property, forming a breeding ground for mosquitos and making a sloppy mess. Water should be channeled correctly to nearby Foe Killer Creek. To date, over a year and a half later, no action has been taken. Please respond.
  • 124 Kimball Bridge Road Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Contractor who is spraying insulation at the under construction Realm Hotel is creating "snowfall" in the parking lot between it and the strip center that faces Old Milton. Cars, trees, grass and pavement are getting coated with bits of insulation.