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  • 106 Union St Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA - City Council District 39
  • Broome Street NYC, NY - Soho
    Do you see the traffis? 4 lanes like an interstate highway, but it is outside my house, and they are stopped, so they HONK constantly, from 11 am Friday through the evening, then again on Saturday, and on Sunday, so they can get across Manhattan 1 mile away to the Holland tunnel. ONe mile away, and HERE they honk. This is not to warn of danger, it is just frustration at waiting. Why don't the police enforce the $350 fine for honking that is posted on Broadway?
  • 206 Columbia St Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA - City Council District 39
    Bike rack needed
  • 11a Somers Street - Fort Greene
    I am unable to contact the person who owns this building. My 2 children and i and cold. The nights are the worse. There is no heat and very little hot water. Contacting HPD has not warranted any actions.
  • 106 Union St Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA - City Council District 39
    Bike rack needed, store owner wants it
  • 63 Avenue D New York, NY - East Village
    loose manhole cover NYC Sewer
  • 137 Columbia St Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA - Cobble Hill
    Bike rack requested for this location
  • 61 Delancey St New York, NY 10002, USA - Lower East Side
    Fire plug broken off on South side of Delancey Street, New York between Allen and Forsyth. It has been there at least two days ignored by whomever. It should be restored its functional location seen on the side walk in the background of this photo.
  • 2-12 Walker St New York, NY 10013, USA - Tribeca
    No one ever heeds the stop sign at w broadway and beach st.
  • East Broadway And Canal St New York NY - Lower East Side
    coming from clinton st and heading toward rutgers street, the surface quality from canal to rutgers is filled with potholes, inch deep scrapes and uneven service. routinely, cyclists move into the main lane to avoid accidents.
  • 25 Science Park New Haven, CT - Tribeca

    Waiting time too long for both the traffic lights and the cross walks.

    Cross streets are Winchester Ave & Munson St

  • Central Park New York, NY - Tribeca
    Despite declarations from NYC officials from the mayor on down that Central Park's bucolic loop road would be better if it were car-free, city officials still allow drivers to use the loop as a short-cut to and from Midtown, thereby increasing car traffic in the city.