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  • 55 Washington Street Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg
    The construction work outside our building takes away from the Manhattan bridges scenic views.
  • 58 Barclay St New York, New York - Financial District
  • 423 Broome Street New York, NY - City Council District 1
    See the beautiful blue hydrangea? it lasted just through Easter, then someone stole them, and filled the hole by re-locating our tulip. Nasty. It was expensive for us and was meant to enhance our shop's entryway, where the planter stands. These flowers make everyone's trip pleasant, and stealing them for private use is deeply mean spirited, and should be vigorously stopped. They were taken between 3 and 6 on a busy Saturday. Who saw that? who is doing this?
  • 2 Northside Piers Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - City Council District 33
    There is a broken pipe spouting water. A lot.
  • Pothole Open
    31 Washington St Brooklyn, New York-11201 - Williamsburg
    Pothole on washington street. SCF TEST
  • 54 Olmsted Road Scarsdale, NY - Tribeca
  • 110 Greenwich Village New York City, NY - Financial District
    this street used to be so nice but now its difficult to walk on the pavements because they are broken, and no one has bothered to repair them!!!
  • Klontz Hill Road Troutman, NC - Tribeca
    here is a pot hole on Klontz Hill Road just after you turn off Flower House Road in Iredell County , NC near Troutman you simply can't miss.
  • 110 Greenwich Village New York City, NY - Financial District
    Really really dirty.. garbage lying around...
  • Route 301 Kent Cliffs, NY - Tribeca
    No signal on 301 south of Boyds Reservoir and on Dixon Rod
  • graffiti Archived
    617 E 6th St New York, NY 10009, USA - East Village
  • Rt 7 And Albany Shaker Rd Albany cty, NY - Tribeca
    The pedestrian light will not change to walk and appears broken trying to cross from rt 7 to albany shaker road