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Protecting everyone's right to breathe clean air.

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  • 296 N Lawrence St Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Old City
    4 nights a week between 3am and 6 am, tractor trailers are idling near the William Macmillan Chicken Company
  • 2044 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA 19103 - Rittenhouse Square

    The bike lanes on Spruce st. are barely a month old, and already they are being plagued by illegal parking, stopping, idling.

    does a good job documenting parking + idling with eyes on the street, addresses, and photos

    What can we do to get parking enforced? Are the neighborhoods on board?

    Here are a few complaints about Spruce:

    (photo taken from mybikelane website)

  • 2214 South St philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    There are always parked (not idling) cars outside of Phoebe's BBQ. I don't think there has been one rush hour that the lane hasn't been blocked there. Please be considerate and not park your car in the bike lane.
  • 310 W Chelten Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Germantown

    Pulaski partners has had the sidewalk closed for weeks, forcing pedestrians out beyond the row of parked cars into the bike lane.

    There is also no clearance between the fence and septa bus parking, forcing peds into busy traffic in front of idling buses.

    I want the PPD and LI to investigate. I will forward this issue to the feds as an ADA compliance issue.

    City Council, we're fed up with your inaction. You push your pet projects but provide no oversight. DRM, what happened to abiding by your oath of office? You represent the builders and lawyers but blatantly ignore your constituents.

  • 12 S 30th St Philadelphia, PA 19104 - Cobbs Creek
    this is the main pickup for Bolt Bus service. The buses are there often and often idling!
  • Vehicle Idling Acknowledged
    2014 S Garnet St Philadelphia, PA 19145 - Girard Estates
    dark blue monte carlo that owner idles/revs engine multiple times a day. he lets it run from anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.
    he has been doing this everyday for over 2 months. i don't think the car is even registered.
    i am so glad i just heard about this program!
  • 148 W Master St Philadelphia, PA 19122 - Fishtown
    This is a mainenance/dispatching facility for ambulances. As they wait to leave, ambulances sit parked on the street or in the facility's driveway idling. the noise and exhaust pollutes the surrounding residential neighborhood.
  • 518 S 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Society Hill
    Overnight, delivery trucks are constantly idling outside of wawa. Letters to the management have been sent, with some success, but the vehicles lapse back in to the problem after some time.
  • 124 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    SEPTA Buses (#21, 33 & 42) use this ramp to idle throughout the day and night. Residential buildings on the 100 block of Market & Church are forced to listen to the roaring engines and inhale the fumes.
  • 1740 South Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest

    Many ambulances have idled for no reason. Sometimes the driver of the ambulance will even get out and leave the engine running.

    I've decided to report each instance in hopes that something will happen.

    I did not get the company name of the latest ambulance, but the number of the company was on the side 215-332-1509. The ambulance number on the side was 422-8. When I called the company after the ambulance had been out there for an hour idling, they called the driver, who moved the ambulance before I could get the name of the company.

    I've called many ambulance companies and have found that some are responsive and some not.

    I feel that I am too frequently needing to ask drivers to turn off engines or calling ambulance companies to get them to do so.

  • 344 Loney St Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA - Fox Chase
    saturday 900am till 916am , type of vehicle, septa bus 5677 reving the engine at 1220pm . no resaon for this
  • Hedley St Philadelphia, PA 19137 - Richmond
    Record the time of day, type of vehicle, duration of idling, and if you have seen idling at this location before