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  • Graffiti Archived
    3456-3498 S 17th Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Powderhorn Park
    Graffiti on light post corner of 35 th and 17 th Ave
  • 5600 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55417, USA - Keewaydin
  • 3900 17th Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota - Bancroft
    Pothole at intersection of 17th Ave S and 39th St East
  • 4801 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA - Keewaydin
    depth, (8"?), of potholes on this stretch of M'haha makes them more jarring than regular potholes.
  • 4717 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN - Ericsson
    Sometime in the past couple years, left turn lanes were added at the Cedar/46th and Cedar/Minnehaha stoplights. A vestige of the previous lane striping, a "right lane ends" sign, is still in existence on the east side of Cedar near Bergan's. This sign implies that there are two northbound traffic lanes south of the sign, which is false. Please remove this sign. Thanks!
  • 4444 18th Ave S Minneapolis, MN - Northrop

    The contractor the City is using (Ti-Zack) damaged a sidewalk tile not deemed necessary to repair. This was completely avoidable...the guy running the saw that cuts the large tree roots simply wasn't being careful. I saw him hit the perfectly serviceable tile and move on. I can only imagine the contractor is going to attempt to bill the city, and indirectly me, for this breakage. If I hired a contractor directly, there is no way I would accept the carelessness that these guys have shown. Also, on the city's part, you should be advising residents in the notification letter that replacing the carriage walk is optional. I learned it was optional after talking with a neighbor and I have no desire for a carriage walk. It should be noted that I called on this, and an inspector is due to come out to review. Why is this review necessary? He is likely to get here before they pour the concrete for the walk, which means I will have to pay for it because of your bureaucratic oversight on an issue that is not even mandatory. I have video of our entire sidewalk before demolition, I have photos, I have photos of the cracked tile. I plan to contest the billing if it includes replacement of the tile the contractor damaged. I could have done the demo myself and guaranteed no additional tiles were damaged. I find this highly unacceptable.

    Please let me know how the city typically resolves this with the contractor, I've heard from my neighbors that it is happening to others on our block, and in our area.


  • 4200 Cedar Ave Minneapolis MN 55407 - Bancroft
    Litter on cedar, particularly concentrated around apartment buildings should be addressed by stricter enforcement of property management standards on the landlords. Attention should also be paid to the appearance of these buildings. They look terrible form the street with sheets or broken blinds hanging in the windows.
  • 5600 Cedar Ave S minneapolis mn - Hale
    dangerous, high traffic, lots of accidents, poor design, loud, not pedestrian friendly
  • 4455-4499 Cedar Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Ericsson
    Our large 30mph sign on northbound Cedar Ave at 45th Street is gone (NE corner of the intersection). The sign was only a few years old and had a bright orange strip above the speed limit. The sign disappeared sometime during the recent Cedar Ave resurfacing.
  • 40th St And Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota - Bancroft
    Passed the corner of 40th St. and Cedar Ave S. approximately 8 times on Nov. 4 and Nov. 5. Saw 3 unique instances of cars turning left (illegally) on red lights (extra-illegally). River Lake Greenway traffic modifications have been a failure. Suggest better placement of right-turn-only signage--or, better, redesign of entire intersection.
  • 4745 Cedar Ave 55407 - Ericsson
    There needs to be a center turn lane median for traffic to turn left into the Super America and Carbones/Cork Dork/Anna's Tailor Shop when you are heading north on Cedar and a left turn lane into Super Value and Caribou Coffee heading south on Cedar. It is becoming very dangerous, as there is not a clearly marked turn lane here and cars speed by/honk at cars trying to turn into these businesses.
  • Other Issues Archived
    E 45th St Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Northrop
    Someone knocked over the porta-potty that's being used for construction on Cedar Ave