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  • Pothole Archived
    3142 18th Ave S Minneapolis 55407, United States - Powderhorn Park
    Large pothole here and at the north end of the street, at the corner of 18th Ave and 31st st
  • 3400-3498 Longfellow Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Corcoran
  • Pothole Archived
    3208 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis 55407, United States - Powderhorn Park
    Series of potholes along curb apron of Cedar Avenue southbound lane
  • Deep pothole Archived
    4032 Longfellow Ave. Minneapolis, MN - Standish
    6" deep pothole
    24" round
    4000 block of Longfellow Ave. towards south end on evenside
  • 5601-5647 Nokomis Ln Minneapolis, MN 55417, USA - Diamond Lake
    This intersection needs additional signs. There is frequently confusion about right of way since it in a three-way intersection, and it is dangerous that it is not sufficiently marked.
  • Pothole Archived
    3433 17th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Powderhorn Park
    Pothole on 35th and Cedar
  • Graffiti Archived
    5144 Cedar Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55417, USA - Hale
    On back of the turning lane sign encountered while driving south on Cedar just before intersection with W Lake Nokomis Pkwy.
  • 1801-1823 E 42nd St Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Northrop
    Very bumpy intersection.
  • Pothole Archived
    5580–5598 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis 55417, United States - Hale
    If you small holes at intersection of Cedar Ave., South and East and West Lake Nokomis Parkway, I also have my spot of Cedar Avenue, 150 feet north of Lake Nokomis Parkway
  • 4209 Cedar Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Ericsson
    Come and see the cobblestones and the old streetcar tracks!
  • 1525-1599 County Road 38 Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Bancroft
    Bad potholes in right turn lane on 38th St. E. to Bloomington Ave. S. from the curb-cut for the gas station on the S.W. corner of the intersection to the corner itself. Snow bank and bus stop don't help.
  • 1801-1821 E 45th St Minneapolis, Minnesota - Northrop
    really deep ice rutting at the end of the alley is causing damage to cars. North alley entrance on the 4500 block Cedar.