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  • 62-65 Saunders St Queens, NY 11374, USA - Rego Park
    This apartment has little to no heat. Sometimes even when temperature gets below the lawful mark, there's still no heat. I've called 311 couple of times but no action was taken.
    Even spoken to the management of the building but nothing was done. Many old folks live in this building and this is a terrible condition for them. Pls help.
  • Big pothole Archived
    68-7-68-9 79th St Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
    I hit this big pothole last night and it looks like somebody put something in there this morning to warned other people
  • Queens NY 11367, USA - Flushing
    The access bridge from Park Drive East to Willow Lake has been closed for years. Initially, it was closed for repair but the bridge has been repaired for years and still the entrance to the bridge is closed off.
  • Pothole Archived
    67-62-67-64 79th Street Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
    4ft pot hole please fix it...
  • 87 06 69 Avenie Forest Hills, NY - Forest Hills
    The catch basin on 69 Avenue and Sybilla Street has been paved over due to the construction of the Metropolitan Campus of schools. Ive been reporting it for quite a few years, people inspect. then tell me its the schools responsibility yet nothing has been done to date and its been years. The block floods because of it.
  • Clyde Street New York, NY - Forest Hills
    There's an over population in that area, where street parking become very limited. I often need to drive multiple block down the road to find parking. I would like to suggest, draw parking spot on the street, so people can use the street parking more efficiently. Not leaving out those "half" car space in between parked car.
  • 97-37 65th Ave Queens, NY 11374, USA - Rego Park

    heat is sporadic here. they do try to fix the boiler but it is sporadic especially on a week end to get consistent heat in the apartments and at night. heat for 24 hours in a row is rare.

    same for the other buildings in the loop
    98-41, 98-51

  • Bump Archived
    Long Island Expy Elmhurst, NY 11373, USA - Rego Park
    Big bump in pavement on on-ramp needs to be evened out
  • 113th Pl Queens, NY 11375, USA - Nkew Gardens
    I've watched cars get flats and lose their hubcaps from hitting this pothole doing under 30mph. It reappears after every winter and needs to get patched correctly for once.
  • Cooper Ave New York, NY - Middle Village
  • Austin And Lefferts - Nkew Gardens
    please install bike racks, mayor bloomberg!
  • 88-29 82nd Avenue Queens, NY 11385, USA - Glendale