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  • Fc Greene Blvd Roger Williams Park Providence, RI - South Elmwood
    Traffic uses FC Greene Blvd as a cut through to/from Park Ave/Warwick Ave. Speed limit is 15 MPH. Most traffic travels 35MPH+ with many over that up to 60MPH. Many heavy trucks where trucks are prohibited. No sidewalks, lots of joggers, walkers, kids, bikes, etc. Very dangerous. Park is a recreation area not a thruway.Park Administration refuses to address. We have appealed to the MAyor's office and the new City Councilor. No action at all. Another year has gone by. Still no help on this.
  • 471 Allens Ave Providence, RI 02905, USA - Lower South Providence

    The rail tracks on Allens Avenue are a danger to cyclists traveling in the bike lanes, especially when wet. Most of the tracks are positioned at a steep angle to the lanes, such that a thin bicycle tire will suddenly catch and slide along the track, causing the rider to fall. I understand that the rails were retained for historic character; however, the danger to cyclists is greater. Please remove the rails that are positioned poorly in the bike lanes.

    John Mangili

  • 33-69 Point St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Providence
    Concrete median/pedestrian shelter has been struck by several vehicles over the past year. Large chunks of crumbling concrete and rebar now protrude into the driving lanes. The median serves as a crossing shelter for pedestrians and protects sewer access under Point Street. This is a high density intersection and needs to be resolved before snow plows cause further damage.
  • Lenox Avenue And Melrose Street Providence, RI - Elmwood

    UPDATE: This has slowed due to the season and colder weather. Guarantee this will begin anew the first warm day of spring.

    There are countless cars playing loud music at all times of the day and night, but particularly Fri, Sat and Sun nights, from say 6PM-3am and Sat and Sunday afternoons. This street is a cut through to Broad Street and to get to the nightclubs/ highway, so we see a lot of traffic, not all of it loud, but easily 40-50 a day sometimes. This is all over Elwmood, not specific to this one intersection. Most cars at this time also do not stop at the 4 way stop sign.

  • Allens Avenue At Point St. Providence, RI 02905, USA - Lower South Providence
    Bike lane ends abruptly where Allens Avenue intersects Point Street. All of a sudden, cyclists are forced into the traffic lane. Cars are not expecting this. Compounding the problem are drains and potholes that further limit space for cyclists at the side of the road. To fix this, consider 1) eliminating one traffic lane (there are 3) to allow space for cyclists, or 2) replace sidewalk with bi-directional, bike-path style shared space for walkers and cyclists, or 3) at least paint a visible lane and put up a bike sign so cars will be expecting the lane to end. This is very dangerous as it is.
  • Se Corner Of Brook Street And Armstrong - Downtown
    The photo doesn't do this huge pothole in lower Fox Point justice. It is really sinking in, and you can see the area below the street, it's broken up so much. A huge hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, even with the warning cone (which is sinking with the pothole).
  • Intersection Of Holden And Jewett Streets Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    There is a very large and growing divot at the intersection of Holden and Jewett streets where the pavement appears to be caving in. The cause is probably incessant digging and repaving at that location. The divot is dangerous to both pedestrians and cars, and it should be repaired asap.
  • Elmwood Ave And Potters Ave Providence, RI - West End
    There are a few large potholes on Elmwood and potters ave. I have had to go into other lane to avoid them please fix this.
  • U.S. 1 Providence, RI 02908, USA - Downtown

    Dual left turn lane completely ignored. Signage inadequate. Motorists from left lane proceeding up Francis cross through right lane turning left (to Hayes) to continue up Francis. I will gladly continue to legally bypass 30+ stacked vehicles to get to the front of the line, however this intersection is horrible.

    May I also mention the Hayes/Gaspee to Francis "crossover" and the illegal drop-off points located everywhere except the actual drop off area. This whole area is the worst.

    Paint a dotted line between left-turning lanes from Francis to Hayes. At the very least, install additional sign on the island matching the left-turn instructions on Gaspee side of Francis.

  • Hope Street Between Rochambeau And 8th Providence, RI 02906, USA - Blackstone

    * on the "to cross the street, press this button" sign in front of the church at the corner of Hope and Rochambeau

    * on the Caution box next to the driveway of Citizens Bank at 792 Hope

    * on the phone box in front of Citizens Bank at 792 Hope

    * on the mail box in front of Bank of America at 814 Hope

    * on the "Stop For Pedestrians" sign in front of Seven Stars Bakery at 820 Hope

    * on a box on the telephone pole at 830 Hope

    * on the fire box next to Garrison Chocolates as well as on the side and front of the building (corner of Hope and 4th)

    * on the phone box between the Sunoco and Gulf gas stations near the corner of Hope and Rochambeau

  • 241 Brook Street (Corner Of Power Street) Providence, RI - College Hill
    Members of the Providence Police Dept who work out of the Brook St. Community Policing Office are parking their personal vehicles on blocking the sidewalk here. Pedestrians, of which there are many in this area, deserve more respect than this, particulalry from law enforcement. It's a disgrace.
  • 259 Carpenter Street Providence, RI 02909, USA - Downtown
    This fence bordering the Knight Street side of the home on 259 Carpenter Street is a danger to pedestrians and should be removed. It has been reported to Pleshette Mitchel of Neighborhood Services and even investigated first hand by Joe Eliiot- Inspector of Code Enforcement. Year old issue. This fence cuts peoples ankles as they walk past. Old metal plus open wounds = problem for city for failing to uphold code enforcement. Do what is right and protect the citizens, end this age old issue now.