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  • Providence Pl & Interstate 95 Providence, RI 02903, USA - Smith Hill

    Drivers are cutting across lanes abruptly to take the exit to another freeway route, or to avoid it. One is the i-95, the other Route 6. One sign clearly says Boston, but people are still cutting across abruptly and endangering others. It is not like you are going to be stuck on the freeway for eons in the wrong direction if you miss the exit, as an exit near Providence Place is upcoming.

    This has occurred several times in the last week that I have witnessed; who knows how many others are doing it. It would be nice if this were fixed by either having a P.O. visible for awhile in this area to deter this "Los Angeles" style of driving, or if it is due to unclear signage cueing them in before they get to these choices, please fix that. As colder weather nears, with ice and snow on the way it seems like it could become even more dangerous.

    This has been noted as occurring at other freeway exits and such of late, but it seems to really occur frequently at this particular junction.

  • 104-134 Smith St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Downtown
    I recently spent about 45 minutes standing in front of the RI State House, and watched traffic approach and negotiate the pedestrian speed bump/ walkway there. I was shocked to see that (a) many cars were not stopping for pedestrians, and (b) some cars were not slowing down sufficiently to safely negotiate the speed bump (one SUV even literally sped over it and launched itself airborne for 20 feet, landing hard). The slow down signage that was once painted on the road is either not visible or needs to be repainted to make it more noticeable. Also, some more signage warning motorists to slow as they approach would help. I worry that those people crossing outside of the crosswalk (and many do) are endangered. Seems like a good use of paint and signage to me.
  • Brighton & Vinton St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Federal Hill
    cracked & broken drain & sidewalk
  • Washington Secondary Trail Cranston, RI 02920, USA - Cranston
  • Hope Street Providence, RI - Mount Hope

    * small sign telling pedestrians to push a button before crossing, SW corner of Hope and Rochambeau

    * side of mail box, NW corner of Hope and Rochambeau

    * large pedestrian crossing sign in front of Seven Stars Bakery

  • Stillman St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Downtown
    The stop sign at this intersection was on the ground a couple weeks ago - it fell somehow, I saw it on the ground attached to the pole. It has not been replaced. This is a busy intersection with traffic to the train station coming from two directions and its unsafe for pedestrians without that stop sign people coming down Stillman blow through the intersection.
  • Battey & Broadway St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    broken traffic lights
  • 303 Eddy St Providence, RI - Providence
    The crosswalk is very faded and worn and cars rarely stop for pedestrians. A sign would be a big help as well.
  • India Point Park Pedestrian Bridge Providence, RI - Providence
    Blue graffitti (bird symbol, PWA tag, and message) on concrete benches of the India Point Park Pedestrian Bridge.
  • 100 Gaspee St Providence, RI - Downtown
    Leaving the station, along many buildings and concrete walls, there is graffiti. Looks like it has been there a number of years. Pretty disgusting sight as you enter the city of Providence on the train.
  • 125 N Main St Providence, RI 02903, USA - College Hill
    For many months there has been a gravel/sand trap at the corner of N. Main & Meeting, posing a significant hazard to cyclists turning right up Meeting from N. Main (especially since the traffic bearing down behind them requires maintaining some speed when taking this corner).
  • Atwells Ave Providence RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    need crosswalk for dunkin donuts traffic.