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  • Atwells Ave Providence RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    need crosswalk for dunkin donuts traffic.
  • Almy Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    FYI from our Crime Watch group:
    We have the same problem on Almy Street - cars get up to unbelieveable speeds from Broadway to Grove Street (which is only 1 block). I put in a request to the City of Providence, Traffic Engineering Public Works Department last week requesting a stop sign be installed at the corner of Almy and Grove Streets. As of today, I have not heard back from them. Maybe if you request a stop sign it might help slow down the traffic.

    99 Almy Street
  • 100 Gaspee St Providence, RI - Downtown
    Leaving the station, along many buildings and concrete walls, there is graffiti. Looks like it has been there a number of years. Pretty disgusting sight as you enter the city of Providence on the train.
  • 940 Douglas Avenue Providence, RI - Wanskuck
    Cars constantly blocking southbound lane while illegally parked in front of Big Daddy's Liquor. Creates a safety issue as cars have to cross into northbound lane to pass. This happens on a daily basis, during evening commute.
  • Broadway Opposite Battey Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    Sign post for bicycle lane damaged by car.
  • 303 Eddy St Providence, RI - Providence
    The crosswalk is very faded and worn and cars rarely stop for pedestrians. A sign would be a big help as well.
  • 104 De Pasquale Ave Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    The road surface of both the entire length of De Pasquale Avenue and Federal Street from De Pasquale to Connector Road 6 is so broken up and crumbling that driving here is becoming problematic for residents AND the restaurant tourists who flock here most nights. With Broadway and Dean Street now repaved, the time has come for these two heavily-trafficked streets to get the same treatment.
  • 179 Dean St. Providence, RI - Federal Hill
    At least once a week there is a serious car crash at the intersection of Dean and Kenyon Sts. The city took away parking along Kenyon saying this would solve the problem, instead it's gotten worse as drivers speed thru the intersection or you see 3 cars trying to enter Dean at the same time. The pole in front of my business is in splinters due to cars hitting it. Time to close Federal and Kenyon off to traffic from Dean St.!
  • 152-200 Harris Ave Providence, RI 02903, USA - Smith Hill
    A historic produce terminal next to the railroad tracks in Providence was sold by the state of RI to Carpionato Corporation to renovate for a discount of $10 million dollars. Instead, the developer tore the building down and has left the ugly lot empty and unkempt, assumedly without repaying the $10,000,000 discount. Can we make sure Carpionato fixes thus blight on prime land, and/or reimburses the taxpayers?
  • 532 Kinsley Ave Providence Ri - Valley
    The stop sign transitioning Eagle street onto Kinsley Ave (traffic flowing North on Eagle to West on Kinsley) is ignored CONSTANTLY.
    Police, City buses(they are the worst offenders) and almost every civilian constantly drive through the stop sign without regard and many of us walk our dogs, babies and selves across this intersection with fear of life and limb.
    We need a speed bump at the stop sign to entice people to at least slow down, if not stop
  • 75 Eagle Street Providence, RI 02909, USA - Valley
    Yield or stop sign missing
  • 86 Federal St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    many cracks in sidewalk