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  • 40 Point Street Providence, Rhode Island - Providence
    No Lights on bridge. Total darkness to cross over, making it very dangerous to pedestrians.
  • Pot hole Archived
    40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    Large pot holes causes big bang in right lane on Commerce Way in Seekonk heading out of Showcase Cinemas towards Route 6.
  • 549 River Avenue Providence, RI 02908, USA - Elmhurst
    The cross walk button is not working.
  • 584 River Avenue Providence, RI 02908, USA - Elmhurst
    The button to activate the pedestrian crosswalk light on the north east corner is not working
  • Route 146 South On Ramp From Route 246 North Providence, RI - North Providence
    The top of the ramp where traffic merges onto 146 South has multiple potholes. There is no way to avoid them.
  • North Main Street And Smith Providence, Rhode Island - College Hill
    The yellow lights directing traffic from Smith Street onto North Main are burnt out, they no longer let traffic know when the light is changing. Could be a problem when there is fog or snow.
  • Bradford Street Providence, Rhode Island - Federal Hill
    there are really horrible potholes on this street and causes accidents when people try to avoid. a pedestrian almost got hit the other day.
  • 146 North Before Branch Avenue Providence, RI - Charles
    Right lane on 146N before Branch Ave exit. Please repair immediately.
  • Bond St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    cracked &overgrown sidewalk
  • 107 Messer Street Providence, Rhode Island - West End
    Parking sign pulled out of ground. They stole my bike right off of it!
  • 605 Manton Avenue Providence, RI 02909, USA - Manton
  • 1-15 Harkness St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Federal Hill