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    3111 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Front porch brick supporting the pillar has no mortar. Bricks are freely loose. Wooden support post on the same corner is barely attached to the porch roof. Porch roof is excessively sagging and looks extremely unstable. This appears to be in violation of Building Code 304.1 that states "Front porch construction was started over a month ago and abandoned. Railing is not attached to proch and has been sitting in the front yard since abandonment. A plastic tarp drapes the entire front porch and is weighed down with bricks in an apparent attempt to protect the wood. This is causing excessive blight to the block and seems to violate Code 304.1 General that explicitly states "The exterior of a structure shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and sanitary..." and Code 304.4 "Structural members. All structural members shall be maintained free from deterioration, and shall be capable of safely supporting the imposed dead and live loads" as the porch is unsound and in immenent danger of collapse. Issue creating excessive blight to block.
    Furthermore, somehow (or someone) has opened. The bottom window has been raised and is now allowing the elements and animals to enter the property. Please have this corrected.
  • 2816 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    This silver BMW has been parked here for over a month. Expired inspection sticker over a year old. Please tow this vehicle.
  • 215 N 28th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    This house has a non CHA and historic Richmond plaque of the front of its house. It does not match the other CHA plaques in the neighborhood.

    Please have citizen to take down the plaque and order a proper one from Historic Richmond Foundation. If everyone made a makeshift plaque without doing the proper research that is conducted by the Historic Richmond Foundation then these neighborhood plaques do not mean anything and their authenticity cannot be trusted.

    Here is a link to the CHA page and Historic Richmond Foundation page:

  • Weeds Galore Archived
    2821 E Broad St Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    Please cite the owner of 2821 and 2823 E Broad St for overgrown lot and sidewalks. This property is in embarrassing condition and the landlord is a slumlord.
  • 2824 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The business at 2824 E Broad St. is storing grease barrels as well as trash containers on the city sidewalk. As a conditional of approval of the Special Use Permit for this business, all trash containers are to be stored behind the fenced area in the REAR of the building--not on the sidewalk. Please have them remove these from public view.
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    2509 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    This was previously reported as "Potholes" and was acknowledged and closed by the City of Richmond System after Roland E. Harris commented "this belong [sic] on the alley list not street pothole. will put on the alley list."

    Alleyway potholes. 4 very large and very deep potholes in Alley between 2509 and 2515 E Broad Street. Holes are in excess of 6 inches deep and hold standing water. Breeding mosquitoes and making vehicle passage through alley extremely difficult and dangerous.

  • 217 N 28th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Citizen request pickup of mattress, box spring and cardboard boxes located in front of this location. Originally reported on 6/4/13
  • 207 N 26th St Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    Construction materials from the property which is under construction, including insulation and (lead-based?) paint shavings, are all over the alleyway.
  • 3111 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    Abandoned property. The property has been left unattended for years. The front porch piling is on the verge of collapse along with the porch detaching from the main structure.
  • 307 N 26th St Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    The owner of the property at 307 N 26th St, which is under construction, constantly parks in a no-parking zone in front of his building. Today he has also blocked off the entrance to the the alleyway with a construction van.
  • 2821 East Grace Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    Supposedly there was a water leak and the owner opened the windows and put a fan in to air it out. Over six months later the windows are still open, the fan is still running and rain and snow enter the dwelling. Owner lives in west end, assures neighbors that he will fix up house, but it continues to deteriorate. It used to be a completely restored and habitable house. Now the issue of habitation is beginning to be questioned. The neighbors pick up mail (mostly junk mail and newspapers) in an effort to keep it clean. Homeless people and/or varmints could move in easily, as the windows are open both front and back.
  • 105 N 26th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The water utility was supposed to relay the bricks over the hole they dug to fix a pipe next to my property. I'm reporting this as these bricks have been sitting, seemingly forgotten, for around 5 months. Please direct to the attention of the water utility or otherwise who was responsible for the repairal of the road they removed (replaced with dirt)