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  • 2824 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The business at 2824 E Broad St. is storing grease barrels as well as trash containers on the city sidewalk. As a conditional of approval of the Special Use Permit for this business, all trash containers are to be stored behind the fenced area in the REAR of the building--not on the sidewalk. Please have them remove these from public view.
  • Other Archived
    120 N 30th St Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    Large branch fallen in Chimborazo Playground next to playground.
  • 2714 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    A large tree on city property located in front of 2714 E Broad is leaning over Broad St. Appears to be gradually uprooting from its sidewalk location & becoming more likely to fall. To fully appreciate the angle, view it from 27th & Broad.
  • 29th And Grace Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The grass is high at Chimborazo playground.
  • 3113 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    House is clearly condemned. Front porch roof and foundation presents clear public danger.
  • Other Archived
    2603 E. Grace St. Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The water meter in front of 2603 E. Grace St. has been leaking for over a month. If no one has reported it, here is an issue to be fixed.
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    324 North 27th Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    Water has been leaking up from under the street for a few days now
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    Alley Between 25th And 26th Off Broad - Church Hill
    4 large potholes in alley off Broad St close to Proper Pie.
  • 300-304 North 31st Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    This car has been parked in the same spot for a week with a flat tire and tags that expired a month ago.
  • Other Archived
    2714 E. Broad St. Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Precarious tree poses a risk of collapse in storm. Hazard to traffic and surrounding houses. Should probably be removed.
  • 3001 E Broad St Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    The owner of 3001 E Broad Street cut down trees on his own property and then pulled them across the alley and dumped them on city property--Chimborazo Playground. This property owner should be cited and fined for illegal dumping- littering, etc. This is ridiculous!
  • 217 N 28th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Been asking since April for the city to have owners do something to repair/paint the exterior of this house with no response except- inspector working with owners. Siding is rotten, paint peeling,spliting and could be dangerous if splitting pieces fall. Chanel 12 reporter Matt McClellan is interested in doing a piece for the 6:00 news, so that will be the route I will now take since the city isn't doing anything. I'm very very disappointed that the city doesn't seem to care about our historical homes in the oldest neighborhood there is!