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  • 2501 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The side of this building needs the grass/weeds to be trimmed
  • Other Archived
    28th & Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Large hole at this intersection
  • 2618 East Franklin Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    There are multiple street lights out on Franklin between 25th and 27th, including a tall utility light and two of the small electric gas lamp styles. There is an additional electric gas lamp out on 27th between Franklin and Grace and two more out on Grace between 26th and 27th.
  • PERMITS?? Archived
    N. 27th And East Marshall Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Someone is apparently doing work in 2 corner buildings (the two that are not Dutch & Co or WPA Bakery), but I do not see any permits. The city says they are different owners, but do not know about the work that is going on. Does anyone know what is going on there? The one building (WE cnr) flooded this past weekend and there is a big ditch dug to the north side of the building... There is also someone living upstairs, but the door sign says it is condemned. Is anyone else worried about this situation?
  • 401 North 27th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    In the back of the building, a lot of weekend work. Doesn't look like any permits were pulled.
  • Other Archived
    3008 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Inappropriate windows installed within historic district. The property has a 2 nd story window facing Broad Street which was replaced with a window that is not appropriate for the distict. Was this project approved by the Commission of Architectural Review?
  • 2617 E. Grace Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    A flat bed trailer has been left on Grace St for several weeks with no apparent movement. Parking here is very limited.
  • 2613 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    815 N. 22nd. Vagrants seen entering property. Grass needs cutting.
  • 2909 East Broad Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    Overgrowth against the fence is branching out into the public alley and crowding and scratching cars passing through. There is also a fallen tree at 2907 E. Broad that is also starting to become an alley hazard due to overgrowth. It was downed during Hurricane Irene and is hanging on utility lines.
  • dead tree Archived
    2907 East Broad Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    Tree in front of 2907 East Broad Street completely dead and dropping branches. Has been reported before. City marked it for removal several months ago. Have since removed other trees but not the one marked????
  • 110 N 26th St. Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Pole is at 110 n 26th. Gas lamp pole
  • 319 N. 25th Street Church Hill, VA - Church Hill
    Whenever I walk by this dog establishment I hear constant dog barking and whining at all times of the day. Someone explained to me that boarding places like this one are actually required by zoning ordinance to be sound proof, so that you cannot hear animal noises from outside - as a local neighbor hearing these sounds is aggravating and riles up my dogs who are quiet in our house just across the street - shouldn't something be done about this violation?