North Dallas, Texas

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  • I travel on 635 WB between 75 & 35. The line markers on the road are not visible when it is dark and raining. Seems the lines disappear when the road is wet at night. There are no reflectors spaced out to help with the visibility as well.
    Seems there might be fewer accidents if people could tell what lane they are supposed to be in.
  • Southbound Service Dallas TX 75230 - North Dallas
    Multiple lights out on southbound service road(75) between Forrest & Royal...Also several lights out on same service road between Royal & Meadow.MANY AROUND AND UNDER 75 @ Meadow,uspecially under 75 where there is also many homeless under there,NOT GOOD!The on ramp to 75 (southbound @ Royal) is missing a light pole and other lights out.MULTIPLE lights out on the onramp to 75 Southbound @ Meadow...
  • 7203 Briarmeadow Dr Dallas, TX 75230 - North Dallas
    As you are driving east on Walnut Hill between Airline and Boedeker there is a large bump in the the road that stretches all the way across the street. Bad for cars and trucks going over it and creates an awful noise.
  • 9667 Inwood Rd Dallas, TX 75220 - Preston Hollow
    Southbound Inwood, between Walnut Hill and Park has a major, speed bump-like defect. It is an annoying and unsafe condition
  • 3761 Valley Ridge Rd Dallas, TX 75220 - Preston Hollow
    surface completely cracked up and potholes
    needs complete resurface and curbs,storm drains and grading.
  • Preston At Forest Dallas, TX - North Dallas
    Northbound Preston Road to westbound Forest road: the protected left only allows 3-4 cars at a time. There are usually 10-15 cars waiting to make the protected left. The green light needs to be doubled in time.
  • 12601-12899 Dallas Pkwy Dallas, TX 75244, USA - Preston Hollow
    whole section of a lane is sinking creating hazardous condition - Inwood just south of 635 before the 1st traffic light
  • 10817 Channel Dr Dallas, TX 75229 - Preston Hollow
  • 7504 Yamini Dr Dallas, TX 75230 - North Dallas
    A stop sign is needed at the blind intersection of Yamini and Pebbledown to create a 4 way stop
  • Pot holes Archived
    Riverbrook Dr Dallas, TX - North Dallas
    There are a couple of pot holes next to each other, and when folks try to avoid then, they sometimes swerve to the wrong side of the street.
  • Inwood And Harvest Hill - Preston Hollow
    West On Harvest Hill @ the light under the Toll Road. NEED Dedicated Left turn lane and the other lane needs to be left turn optional. The traffic from Jesuit, Lincoln Center and Toll Road access makes this a highly congested intersection in the mornings.
  • 3006-3010 Leahy Dr Dallas, TX 75229, USA - Preston Hollow
    There is a large Pothole in the street and the street itself needs repaired. There is alot of standstill water after it rains creating alot of mud on the street. Street has alot of damage and also needs street bumps to slow traffic down some. People race down the street alot.