SF DPW Curb Ramp Request

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Request a Curb Ramp from DPW

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  • Kearny And Washington San Francisco, California - Chinatown
    The left curb ramp by the yellow tiles, outside Hilton has a height difference of 1.5" to the sidewalk. It can be a tripping hazard to pedestrians. The concrete is also slightly damaged next to the pressed word Kearny.
  • 184 Taber Aly San Francisco, CA 94107 - South Of Market
    Please Describe which corner you would like the ramp installed on here
  • 9 Vienna St San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Excelsior
    Cars repeatedly block this cut curb ramp. "Every intersection is a crosswalk". This one needs the lines, they all do on and along Silver Ave.
  • 135 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102, USA - Civic Center Community Benefit District
    Damaged sidewalk box cover with re-bar exposed at SW corner of Hayes and Van Ness, next to curb ramp.
  • Polk Street And Sutter Street San Francisco, CA - Downtown
    Cracked pavement on Northeast- Left curb ramp close to the bottom landing.
  • 1190 Howard St San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - South Of Market
    Curb ramp cover is cracked with hole exposed. Difficult for wheelchair access. NE corner of Howard at 8th
  • Steiner At Laussat Germania, San Francisco, CA - Civic Center Community Benefit District
    Cars entering/exiting Laussat and Germania fail to yield to pedestrians b/c there are no painted cross walks at intersections with Steiner and Fillmore. Additionally, there are no curb ramps. Drivers often block sidewalks by parking across crosswalk area.
  • Park Requests Archived
    Clay And Steiner San Francisco, California - Pacific Heights
    The bottom corner of Alta Plaza Park by Clay and Steiner has water leakage that extends to the curb ramp. Per Google Map, the water leakage happened since 2011. There were some warning signs posted in the past few years, not sure if anyone has ever tried to fix the problem, but till now there's no permanent fix to the problem. Please have it fixed ASAP and stop wasting water.
  • 701-791 Indiana St San Francisco, California - Potrero Hill
    There's a wood plank on the "curb" by the Esprit Park on Indiana Street. Not sure if there's a curb ramp or sewer underneath it, but it's breaking apart and should be removed asap.
  • Paul Ave San Francisco, CA - Bayview
    Sidewalk on the north side of Paul Ave going over the Caltrain bridge between Carr St and Gould St has been closed or at least 6 months. Pedestrians are forced to jay walk across busy Paul Ave with no crossing, curb ramps or protection. People with strollers and elderly are frequently seen crossing with difficulty.
  • 3242 Anza Street San Francisco, CA - Outer Richmond
    My father needs to use an electric wheelchair to get around, but the curb near where he lives doesn't have a ramp for him to go up & down when he needs to cross the street. His wheelchair tires got damaged because he was force to roll down the curb when their wasn't a ramp. The intersection is 24th street. Please make a curb ramp & fix his wheelchair so he can get around his neighborhood.
  • 255 Woodside Ave San Francisco, CA 94127 - Twin Peaks
    Please Describe which corner you would like the ramp installed on here