Society Hill Civic Association

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The Civic Association representing neighborhood of Society Hill.

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  • 395 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Society Hill
    pine street from broad clear out to about 3rd just needs to be repaved. it is a mess.
  • S 3rd St Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill

    This is a major noise issue for the entire half block of 300 S. 3rd St. which is coming from a broken PECO man hole. The whole manhole is loose and in the video you can see it moving up and down after the bus goes over it.

    I have attached a video showing the problem. The noise is so loud and constant that our 2 year old son keeps getting woken up throughout the night. A few of us have called PECO to report this issue (multiple times) with no results.
    Please help!

  • Spruce St 7th St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Society Hill
    Riding on spruce st bike lane begining from 3rd till 23rd people been using the bike lane as a parking lane ,always parked cars at 3rd and 5th on spruce ;and same on pine street, between 22nd and 6th having to swerve around at least 10-12 parked cars , and when said something, got screamed and harassed to a fist fight, just kept riding. during the day i have had cars use the bike lane as a passing lane too,at spruce and 8th +9th +10th. do not feel safe in the bike lanes!
  • 725 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    For the past year, a homeless couple has been sleeping on the steps of Chops Restaurant, and using these steps to intravenously shoot drugs as well; I live at 725 Walnut Street, and to be honest, this block is turning into Skid Row, because there are 5 other homeless people who sleep on other steps on this block.....what can be done to help and protect me and my family, who pay rent here and shop at all nearby businesses.
  • 518 S 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Society Hill
    Overnight, delivery trucks are constantly idling outside of wawa. Letters to the management have been sent, with some success, but the vehicles lapse back in to the problem after some time.
  • 200 Locust Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Society Hill
    Residents of Society Hill Towers dump ALL their trash into garbage chutes on each floor without seperating recycling. When you look at the huge dumpsters downstairs in the garage they are full of bottles, papers, etc that should be recycled under Philadelphia Law. The towers have a very strong PAC that appears to keep them above the law but this must be corrected, it's disgusting, illegal and filling trash landfills.
  • 4th & Walnut Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    I frequently get cut off coming south on 4th at Walnut St. Before Walnut, there is parking on the right and after it, parking is on the left. Cars will pass me in the left lane and then slide right without checking their blind spot. I have nowhere to go. Dotted lane markings through the intersection or revised parking would be helpful.
  • 256 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - Society Hill
    Trash compactor broken open overflowing with smelly trash
  • 356 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Society Hill
    There is a very deep pothole on Pine b/n 3rd and 4th streets. It knocked the hubcap off my car.
  • 8th And Spruce Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill

    I witnessed the vehicle in the attached photos almost run a cyclist off the road at approximately 5pm on 10/15/12

    The driver had been honking aggressively the previous block, and as he crossed over spruce st. coming down 8th, he merged toward the cyclist, who was in front of him at the time (in the driver's field of vision). The cyclist had to brake in order to avoid being run into the curb.

  • pothole Archived
    232 So.3rd St Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    a large, deep pothole
  • 502 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Society Hill
    Broken bricks