Logan Square Neighborhood Association

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Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) represents residents and community perspectives in zoning, transportation and other matters concerning the quality of life. More information available at http://www.lsnaphilly.org

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  • Pothole Archived
    22nd St And Hamilton St - Logan Square
    giant pothole or manhole cover missing. There is a traffic cone in the hole.
  • traffic disaster Acknowledged
    Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square
    The bicycle lane ends in the middle of two merging roads of traffic, with no warning. There should be clear markings that the bike lane is ending, and there should be a THREE light cycle instead of two. A mess to bicycle or drive though.
  • 1500 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square

    The 1500 Spring Garden building has charter busses that take people to and from the train station, they are operated by a company called DLC. While the DLC buses are loading and unloading at 1500 Spring Garden they stop in the bicycle lane and right hand traffic lane. This causes major traffic problems in the area and is unsafe. I saw a guy on a bike today almost get hit by one of the DLC buses.

    Maybe if buses did this around the corner on the less busy 15th street side of the building it would be better.

    Last year I spoke to someone at the police department and they said whenever I see it to call 911.

  • N 22nd Street And Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Logan Square
    At every green light, drivers ignore the "right lane must turn" regulation and speed straight through the intersection, endangering cyclists and other drivers.
  • 1751 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19103 - Logan Square
    Every morning and afternoon people stream in and out of the Comcast buildings back door into oncoming traffic on Arch St. There should be an 25 foot wide elevated crosswalk installed here.
  • N. 15th Street And John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square

    Cars traveling South on 15th street crossing JFK have a lane shift slightly to the East. However, this lane shift is unmarked. Most vehicles are unaware of this shift and vehicles in the second lane from the right continue straight, cutting off vehicles in the right lane that need to shift to the left.

    This lane shift should be clearly marked via white dotted lines crossing JFK on 15th street.

    I have witnessed numerous side-swipe accidents as well as many, many near hits, as people swerve to get out of the way.

  • 94 N 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19103 - Logan Square
    Storm Grate is not bicycle safe. Grooves are in line with 17th St which can swallow the wheel of a bike.
  • 11 N 18th St Philadelphia, PA 19103 - Logan Square
    The left lane of 18th St. (to turn onto JFK) has some fairly deep pits right after the light at Market all the way through to the light at JFK. There is a pretty good one right on the corner of 18th and JFK in the left lane that you hit every time that you turn.
  • Truck Idling Acknowledged
    1400-1498 Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Logan Square
    Silver truck selling items here most days idling
  • 2067 2113 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Logan Square

    These crossing are dangerous at ANY time of day, cars running lights, cutting corners, and traveling at high rates of speed.

    While enforcement during the morning rush hour increased before the winter, this road is still commonly a speedway during evening hours.

    Further complicating the issue current lights do not allow effective protective time for pedestrians to cross safely.

    This was tragically and needlessly demonstrated on Saturday evening when a student was struck and horribly injured.


  • N 22nd St / Race St Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Logan Square
    When biking northward on 22nd street, the bike lane mysteriously disappears between Race until after Ben Franklin Pkwy. This is dangerous for cyclists who are given no official area to ride between these blocks.
  • Schuylkill River Trail Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square

    I suspect the city of philadelphia has been using solid human waste (sludge) as a ground cover along the Schullykill River Trail. I would like the city to provide the Material Safety Data Sheet for this organic material. I would also like to know why sludge is being used in place of mulched leaves along this pathway.

    It's got a disgusting smell, children play in it and trail users breath it in. We've got enough risks breathing the sewage silt from the leaking Reading sewage plant which was deposited along the river banks during the last 2 storms.