Overbrook Park Civic Association

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Overbrook Park section of the 4th council district

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  • City Ave & Haverford Rd Intersection - Penn Wynne
    Need left-turn arrow on City Ave, north-bound lane at Haverford Ave/Haverford Rd. Lack of arrow creates back-up of traffic, and dangerous situation as many left turn vehicles turn ON THE RED LIGHT because they are sitting in the intersection when traffic light changes. I contacted PENNDOT about this a few months ago, with no response.
  • 7732-7798 W City Ave Penn Wynne, PA 19096, USA - Philadelphia Planning District West Park
    There has been a water leak coming from the ground on City Line Northbound , right lane in front of Ross dress for less store for at least 5 years. This has caused, over the years, numerous potholes, heaved and broken sidewalk and curb, icy spots in winter, many tire blowouts and lost hubcaps and accidents just to name a few. Sometimes the right lane gets so bad it is impassible.
    Right now there are at least 20 patched potholes. They will keep patching potholes but won't address the real issue and stop the water leak.
  • 7200 - 7500 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    Entirely too much trash!! Much of it is generated from customers of the many eateries along the strip going uphill, from Brockton Road to City Avenue. City-issued, solar operated cans are needed for this area.
  • 7732-7798 W City Ave Penn Wynne, PA 19096, USA - Havertown
    Near the Sears/Ross shopping plaza, in the right northbound lane of Township Line, there is a large and deep pothole that is dangerous. Drivers have to swerve around it to avoid it or risk causing an accident if they can't.
  • 7394-7518 City Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Philadelphia Planning District West Park
    This entire area in the Northbound lanes about 3 blocks before Haverford ave is so chewed up, drivers are traveling in the center turning lanes to avoid a series of potholes.
  • 1848 Ashurst Road Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    the street light is not working - located near the sidewalk across from house with the address of 1848 Ashurst Road, Phila, PA in the Overbrook Park section of the city.
  • 77th Street And Overbrook Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    The street light is out at the intersection of 77th Street and Overbrook Avenue in Overbrook Park. Coming from City Ave (Rt 1 South), Turn Left at 77th Street and turn right at Overbrook. The light is on the left side of the road.
  • 1000 Block Of Marlyn Road - Morris Park
    Street need to be plowed - very dangerous
  • Haverford Ave And Overbrook Ave Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    Can is overflowing and trash is spilling onto sidewalk and into street. It is blowing up and down the streets and blocking sewer drains. City owned /operated can was supposed to be picked up on trash day (Monday) but was not.
  • 7300 Brookhaven Rd Philadelphia, PA 19151 - Morris Park
    big pothole in the middle of the street....needs repairing NOW!
  • 1351 Kimberly Dr Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
    The driveways are a complete disaster. And since the trash trucks are tied up now trash is starting to build up. Daily there are at least 3 to 4 veh stuck at some point in the driveway myself being 1 on them on multiple occasions. PLEASE help us with the driveways to there are multiple cars per household and absolutely no were to park on the streets.
  • 7563 Brookhaven Rd Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
    north 76th and north 75 st overbrook park section