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  • 54 Beacon Street Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Somerville
    The city still hasn't done anything about this. 54 and 56 beacon haven't shoveled at all. It's gotten very dangerous because of all the storms. I saw two people fall today. I've contacted the mayors office and inspection all service.
  • 10 Poplar Street Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville

    Multiple large and deep potholes are making travel difficult on Linwood and Poplar streets in the vicinity of the former transfer station.

    This area was used for the snow melter so the amount of water was very high. The pavement has started to disintegrate as a result.

  • Somerville Community Path Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    this path is always flooded when it rains people have to walk in the mud. It has to be hard for people with strollers. It's nasty. Been living in this area for 11 years and no one is fixing the problems.
  • Pothole Archived
    21 Medford Street Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Severe and extensive potholes near the railroad tracks on Medford St create a hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The potholes also create excessive wear-and-tear on vehicles. They also contribute to an uninviting and hostile atmosphere in the surrounding area and neighborhood. I would encourage the City of Somerville to move these potholes up on the priority list for patching this season.
  • 363 Highland Avenue Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    Chair being used as parking space saver outside Consignment Galleries store. This is ILLEGAL and MUST BE STOPPED!!! -Concerned Neighbor
  • Clarendon Avenue Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Could some snow be removed from sides of street. Right now road is very narrowed. I walk with crutches and right now I can't use the sidewalks because they are too narrow with snow and I'm worried I will get hit by a car walking in the street.
  • 63 Mcgrath Highway Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    The ad on a billboard on McGrath northbound, on the side facing boston has come part way lose and is flapping around. Could be dangerous if it comes all the way off and lands on the road.
  • Lexington Ave At The Children'S Playground - Somerville
    There should be a stop sign here at the T intersection where the Children's playground is.
  • Deep Pothole Archived
    2-16 Forster Street Somerville, MA - Somerville
    There is a very deep pothole on Forster Street near Sycamore.
  • 1170 Broadway Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    St James Episcopal Church has not cleared their sidewalks for 2 storms. The Clarendon side has over a foot of snow piled up, while the Broadway side is a sheet of ice from people walking on it. Yet the stairs to their church house are clear. This is a consistent problem...they think it's ok to only clear on Sunday.
  • 24 Elm St Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Crosswalks not shoveled near businesses near intersection of porter and elm
  • two potholes, even if you miss one, you might end up hitting second one.