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  • 330 Broadway Somerville, MA - Somerville
    uneven spanse of roadway - like a roller coaster - they fixed the east bound side by winter hill bank by filling in and evening out. The walgreens side needs to be addressed as much as the side that was.
  • Space savers Archived
    76-74 Oak Street Somerville, MA - Somerville
    Can you please send someone to Oak Street and Houghton Street and have them remove all the space savers in the neighborhood? It is illegal to dump and save spots! People need to park their cars. If not, I will go out there myself and collect it all and put it on top of snowbanks!
  • 98 School Street Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Somerville
    School street between highland and summer is loaded with spot savers.
  • 63 Mcgrath Highway Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    The ad on a billboard on McGrath northbound, on the side facing boston has come part way lose and is flapping around. Could be dangerous if it comes all the way off and lands on the road.
  • 99 Fountain Ave Somerville, MA 02145 - Somerville
    right before Fountain Avenue, crosswalk to capuano school sports no perpendicular curb cut and the curb cut on the Capuano school side has a run/rise of 11.5%- making the Capuano School another one lacking a safe crosswalk for all
  • 24 Elm St Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Crosswalks not shoveled near businesses near intersection of porter and elm
  • 13-29 Summer St Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Somerville
    The fence of the off-leash recreational area at Nunziato Field on Summer Street has been damaged, apparently in the course of snow removal on the sidewalk. There is danger that people's pets could escape under the fence into the street.
  • 1170 Broadway Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    St James Episcopal Church has not cleared their sidewalks for 2 storms. The Clarendon side has over a foot of snow piled up, while the Broadway side is a sheet of ice from people walking on it. Yet the stairs to their church house are clear. This is a consistent problem...they think it's ok to only clear on Sunday.
  • Other Archived
    66 Washburn Ave Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - Somerville
    This property has not maintained their yard for years. They have extremely over grown plants which are known to cause rodent problems.
  • 118 Medford St Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Sidewalk in front of Target/CW Price not shoveled. Parking lot looks great!
  • Other Archived
    1-9 Endicott Ave Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Spacesaver on the street
  • Other Archived
    168 Tremont St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Somerville
    It appears that the current owners of 162-164 Tremont St. are using their side yard to store construction debris instead of renting a dumpster. This is a concern because the rats will find this pile of debris a perfect place to build their nests, if they haven't already. Also the weight of the debris is resting against our fence.